Monday, February 27, 2017

Friends and family!

Well MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas!

This week was awesome for us! We got to visit lots of people and
invite them to our ward party and church on Sunday and most of them
came! I feel like maybe it was because we told them it was only
sacrament meeting on Christmas! Haha

We had our ward party on Friday and it went super good. There were
TONS of people that showed up! We of course had tons of food then they
did some dance performances and it was so good! The Samoan wards know
how to party!!

So Christmas Eve was probably one of the coolest and funniest times of
my mission! So us and some other missionaries decided to go out carol!
So we all met at the chapel  at 7pm and if turned into a mini football
game somehow haha! But them we went to a couple of house and carolled
and it went super good and so we decided hey let's go do this
downtown! We will walk around and sing! So we all went downtown and
start just singing "angels we had heard on high" and "come all ye
faithful" to random people on the streets and then a bar called us in
and we all sang to them! Then... the next door restaurant called us in
to sing for them! It was seriously the best thing ever! It made so
many people smile so hopefully we made a difference in some people's
lives! And that's the super awesome Christmas Eve story! I'll send the
video of us singing in the parking garage after we were done!

Christmas was really awesome! It was so good to talk to my family! One
1 more skype day left so that's pretty weird!

Well I guess that's a little bit of our Christmas week for you guys! I
hope you all have a great week and I'm grateful for all of you. And
I'm grateful for my savior and his love. He is the reason for season
and he is the reason why we are who we are and how we can become who
god wants us to become!

Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson

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