Monday, February 27, 2017

Friends and family!

Well I guess first off happy New Years everyone! I hope you all had a
great holiday season! I can officially say I come home this year so
that's a bit weird to get used to.

This week we got to have zone conference and it was really good! There
was some really good trainings and I learned a lot. We talked a lot
about obedience, caring for your companion, staying focused and being
the light! We are all as members of the church the light to the world.
We need to all be ready and prepared to share the gospel with anybody
and well.. lighting the world with our actions!

We went on exchanges this week and I was with elder bacon again! I
served with him out in kodiak when I first got there so it was really
good to be with him again! We did a lot of street contacting and
talking to people!

This week we did a lot of oyming and trying former investigators. We
talked to tons of people downtown and well.. everywhere we could! We
didn't get to teach as much us we wanted to but we talked to tons of
people so it was good!

We got a referral for this lady and we went and tried to visit them
and a younger kid answered so we talked to him for a while and he
wasn't a member but was from Kansas and asked about Joseph smith so we
explained who He was and it went pretty good! Then his aunt came in
and she was actually someone we ran into at Walmart one time and she
said she wanted to come to our church but we lost her number so we
couldn't talk to her but god led us to her! So we got to talked to her
for a bit and so this week we hopefully will get to visit with them

Overall it was pretty good! It still blows my mind it's 2017! Maybe we
all remember and keep our New Years resolutions! Haha love you all!

"I cannon never accomplished anything, I can try has wrought wonders."

Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson

Anchorage north zone
Top of a parking garage pics

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