Monday, February 27, 2017

Friends and family!

Well it was a good week here in Alaska! We had lots of lessons and lots of fun! 

Well to start, we were driving down northern lights blvd and I glanced to my left at a newly built strip mall type deal and guess what one of the new restaurants in it was!..... WING STOP! They now have a wing stop up here! Haha tender mercies from the lord!

We got to have some really good lessons this week! We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and some of the commandments to ryanne and she is still on track to be baptized! Natasha is doing good and just focusing on reading the Book of Mormon! Mathew and Andrew are doing really good and coming to church! So things are going pretty good here! 

This weekend in downtown anchorage there was a big event called "Fur Rondy". I'm not sure what it really celebrated but there was tons of events and races and a big carnival and some snow sculptures! It was super cool and Saturday we went downtown and checked it out and talked to tons of people. It was cool to get out and hand out tons of pass along cards! I got lots of picture that I will send too.

My little thought for the week comes from 3 Nephi 18:

19 Therefore ye must always pray unto the Father in my name;

20 And whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you.

21 Pray in your families unto the Father, always in my name, that your wives and your children may be blessed.

Prayer is such a powerful tool and blessing that we are given! Elder Russel M Nelson says something like this, Think about how the creator of all heavens and earth wants you and I to communicate with him personally. Think about how cool that is! So I guess my point is.... pray always! It's a blessing and gift that we need to always use!

And that's this week! Thank you for all that you do for me. I'm grateful for all that you do for me!

Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson









Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson

Friends and family!

Well hello out here! we had an action packed week this week! We had exchanges from Tuesday to Wednesday and I was with elder bacon in the Spanish branch so that was pretty cool. Then we had our zone temple trip on Wednesday and that was a good time of course. Then right after we had a service helping the Iditarod again! We moved tons of bags of dog food onto pallets to be shipped to the different places for the rest stops. It was super fun and well your hands smelt deliciousssss after wards! Haha

Thursday we had our zone conference with Elder Ardern of the seventy and it was awesome! There was a ton of missionaries there. All except for Fairbanks and Juneau! But we learned so much! There is so much that we talked about that I'll just put some of my notes:

  • You can't do this on your own... join arms with the lord
  • You are here because the lord wants you here
  • Its not your baptism... it's the lords
  • Be noble in whatever you do
  • Educate yourself in whatever professional you may choose
  • Wealth isn't important to be married
  • You will find who god wants you to be when you labor for your fellowman
  • Be a finisher
  • You went through the Book but did the Book go through you
  • You never get a second chance to make a good first impression
  • Today is the day 

And then on Friday night we got transfer calls! And elder vaioa and I we both staying! 

Our investigators are doing good! Ryanne is preparing for the 18th of march still and Andrew and Mathew are working towards a Date! They are all progressing and coming to church! 

And well I think that's about it will all the good stuff this week! Oh and I guess another cool thing is I hit 18 months this week! Haha Thank you for all that you do for me! I love you guys and I'm grateful for ya!

Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson

We did really bad at having good organized pictures this week but here's our try's! Haha

Temple trip
The district! 
Zone conference
Elder gentry and I 
The service last week moving the hay








Friends and family!

Well hello everyone and happy Valentine's Day!... tomorrow! Haha I
hope you all had a good week! We had a really good filled with lots of
teaching, service, and weather that's too cold for Elder Fawson!

On Thursday we had a huge service for the Iditarod race coming up. We
bagged three semi truck trailers of hay bales and got them on pallets
ready to be shipped for the teams! The race is coming up in march and
if anybody remembers, my first Saturday in the mission field last year
was the Iditarod race so that's pretty cool!

The work is picking up here in the dimond ward! We are now teaching
someone new! So her name is ryanne and she is related to a family in
our ward and they brought her to church and we are starting to do
lessons for her and Sunday night we taught her the restoration and
invited her to be baptized and the family decided on march 18th so
that's super cool! We are still teaching Mathew and Andrew too. They
are doing really good and came to church and well... just trying to
get them to baptism too! Natasha has been really busy with school and
we actually got another referrel from a member in the ward so it's
pretty cool!

We have a huge week coming up so we are really excited! We have
exchanges from Tuesday to Wednesday then our temple trip on Wednesday
and zone conference on Thursday! So pretty cool! Elder hallstrom was
sopposed to come up but got reassigned somewhere else so now elder
Arden of the seventy is coming up! Oh and we get transfer calls this
week too!

And well I think that's it from us! I love and miss you guys!

Mathew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that
curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which
despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson

Woot woot arctic district!
Friends and family!

Well hello out there wherever ye may be! We had a good week with lots
of good stuff!

On Tuesday we had a lesson with Mathew and Andrew about the plan of
salvation at it went super good! We had a little white board and so we
drew it out as we went so it could make more sense. At the end we
invited them to be baptized and it was such a cool moment because it
was one of those silent moments and we could just feel the room and
our chests burning as they thought about it. They said they were gonna
think about it and so we asked them to pray to know if that's what god
wants them to to do at this time. It was such a cool experience.

Friday we had a lesson with Natasha and we didn't know what to teach
her because she had been taught everything before and still had so
many questions so we decided to start at square one and so we re
taught the restoration and it was really cool because we got to
discuss and settle a lot of her concerns and she is slowly learning.
She grew up Jewish so everything is so different to her but it's

We had zone meeting on Friday and it went really good. We talked about
building up the church and about fulfilling our duties.

I've had a lot of pondering this week. It blows my mind how fast time
comes and goes. I come home in 6 months and I still feel like I'm
fresh in the mission so to speak! It's a cool feeling but a scary one
at the same time! Haha cherish every moment because soon you'll be
doing something else!

Not much other crazy stuff than that! Haha I hope you all have a great week!

~Gordon B Hinckley

Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson

Friend and family!

Well hello everyone out in the world! There wasn't much crazy stuff this week so sorry if this is short!

We have 2 new people that we are teaching! Mathew and Andrew! They are the nephews of a family in our ward and just moved up from Samoa. They are 16 and 21 and they love the church and will hopefully be baptized soon! I will keep you updated with them! 

We got to do a zone community service thing this week that was really cool. We basically were the "security" at an event that helped homeless people get some help they needed. There was tons of people! Oh and the best part was we got to wear these super snazzy yellow vests that said "safety patrol" so we felt pretty cool! Haha

We had the worldwide missionary broadcast this week and it was awesome with some big announcements! But I already told you guys about the morning schedule thing and then we don't have as many key indicators! It's pretty cool! 

The thought we have been sharing in our dinners this week is the story of nephi and getting the plates. And how he was commanded to go get them but it wasn't easy for him. It didn't happen the first time and it didn't even happen the second either. And even the third time it wasn't a walk in the park. But he had the attitude of I will go and do and that's how he got through it. The lord gives us trials and tribulations and things we need to do but sometimes it's a lot harder than we thought it would be so we give up or murmur!... but we need the attitude of nephi! So always remember...


Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson

P.s. Anchorage hit 40 degrees this week and it felt like summertime haha!

Friends and family!

Well hello everyone! This was probably one of the coldest weeks of my life. In the beginning of the week it was -15 throughout the day and that's fetching cold! Up in fair banks if was -50s so I'm just grateful I'm in anchorage right now! Haha and then it's been snowing the past couple days non stop so we have a ton of snow! There was so much that they actually canceled church on Sunday in the north anchorage stake so that's pretty crazy! But there's an upside with all the snow! Tons and tons of service! All week we've been helping people get unstuck! Haha and then on Saturday we went and shoveled people's driveways and walkways! It was really cool to see how grateful people were!

We got to have a lesson with Natasha this week too! We haven't been able to meet with her for a while now but we finally did. So if you don't remember her she is the one who was Jewish and so she doesn't really believe in Jesus Christ so we are sending her scriptures every day to read! She said she wants to be baptized so that's good! But we have a lot of help from the ward with her so that's a good thing.

We did a lot of visiting less active people this week and a lot of service! I'm thankful for all that you all do for me! Be safe and remember:

"To be on the pathway to perfection we need to have:

  1. An attitude of gratitude
  2. A longing for learning
  3. A devotion to discipline
  4. A willingness to work" ~President Thomas S Monson

Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson

P.s. I think I'm sick and need to go back to Samoa! Haha
Friends and family!!

Well this week was filled with transfers! Elder Chan got safe and
sound to the lake Otis ward and I got my new companion! Elder vaioa!
He is from Samoa and from the island I served on! He is soooo funny
and we have the best time together and I've learned so much Samoan
from him. So one cool thing is he served in Samoa for a bit while he
was waiting for his visa and he knows my trainer and other
missionaries and it's super cool! While transfers were going we got to
have elder Judd come and stay with us for a night and so that was
pretty fun to catch up with him!

So one really cool thing that I forgot to mention in my last email was
I finished the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time on my mission! It's
weird to think that because if you knew me before the mission you
would know that you couldn't pay to read a book haha! So it was a cool
little accomplishment and my goal is two more times! But I know it's
true and there's now way it can't be. And if you question if it is...
READ IT! I'm grateful for the knowledge it gives us and it just makes
everything make sense!

We have a new investigator we are teaching and His name is tommy isaia
and his wife is a member and most of his family! He was a former
investigator and a couple weeks ago we went over and just tried to
visit him and he let us in and we taught him he restoration and then
last Monday night we had another lesson with him and we read the Book
of Mormon with him. He reads it on his own and always tells us how he
is just looking for the truth and he thinks he might have found it!
Haha so it's been super cool to teach him and help him find the truth!
The struggle we run into with him is he works all week including all
day Sunday so we are going to help him understand the importance of

And well I don't know how it is in Utah but out here there is so much
snow! It's been snowing the last couple days and the snow plows are
staying busy for sure!

And well that's some of the highlights of the week! Thank you for all
that you do for me! Stay safe everyone and always remember CPR!
(C-Church P-Pray R-Read) to keep yourself alive you need to do those

Alma 37:37
Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for
good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that
he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the
morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these
things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day.

Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson

#1- we found this cool snow fort thingy with stairs
#2- SNOW!
#3-4- some moose we found a but ago but I didn't send the pictures!
Friends and family!

Well this week was full of tons of cool news! So first off we got
transfer calls and elder Chan Is leaving to the lake Otis Samoan ward
and I'm staying and getting elder vaioa! I haven't really met him but
he hasn't been out too long and is hilarious and awesome from what
everyone says so I'm excited!

On Friday we had zone meeting and it went really good! So something
really cool is church headquarters has made some changes to the
missionary schedule. So they basically leave it up to you how you want
to schedule it. Basically you are given the times of how long you need
to do certain things but you can schedule them however you want. It's
pretty cool! So between 6:30 and 10 you have to do an hour of personal
study and a half hour to plan your day! And we don't plan at night
anymore. So you just have to get those done anytime between those
hours! And then p day is a little longer! That was probably really
confusing and you probably don't think it's that big of a deal.... but

But also at zone meeting we talked about ether 12:27 and going through
trials and tribulations. If you haven't seen it I invite all you to go
watch the "bearing our burdens with hope" Mormon message. We all have
trials and hard things to go through but our trials and burdens are
what help us become who god knows we can become. So keep enduring and
soon you'll see change!

This week we went on exchanges with the Spanish elders and I actually
went to the Spanish ward for a day and it was really cool! I was with
elder henderson who has been out 6 weeks now so it was really fun!
He's so funny! We had a really cool experience teaching this lady
about the plan of salvation. She had just lost her friend to suicide
and her husband was going through some hard things and she thought it
was perfect! It was cool to see the comfort she felt when we taught it
to her!

And well we did lots of oyming and visiting former investigators this
week! And I think that's a little bit of our week for you guys! Thanks
for everything you all do for me! Love you guys!

Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson

Picture #1 so elder Chan and I were walking back from a house and
getting back in the truck and he slipped and fell in the snow and I
took a picture of it! Haha I'm such a good companion! And then he was
getting in and slipped and fell again! Haha it was funny for me to
watch but not for elder Chan!

Picture #2 I'm gonna miss elder Chan!!
Friends and family!

Well I guess first off happy New Years everyone! I hope you all had a
great holiday season! I can officially say I come home this year so
that's a bit weird to get used to.

This week we got to have zone conference and it was really good! There
was some really good trainings and I learned a lot. We talked a lot
about obedience, caring for your companion, staying focused and being
the light! We are all as members of the church the light to the world.
We need to all be ready and prepared to share the gospel with anybody
and well.. lighting the world with our actions!

We went on exchanges this week and I was with elder bacon again! I
served with him out in kodiak when I first got there so it was really
good to be with him again! We did a lot of street contacting and
talking to people!

This week we did a lot of oyming and trying former investigators. We
talked to tons of people downtown and well.. everywhere we could! We
didn't get to teach as much us we wanted to but we talked to tons of
people so it was good!

We got a referral for this lady and we went and tried to visit them
and a younger kid answered so we talked to him for a while and he
wasn't a member but was from Kansas and asked about Joseph smith so we
explained who He was and it went pretty good! Then his aunt came in
and she was actually someone we ran into at Walmart one time and she
said she wanted to come to our church but we lost her number so we
couldn't talk to her but god led us to her! So we got to talked to her
for a bit and so this week we hopefully will get to visit with them

Overall it was pretty good! It still blows my mind it's 2017! Maybe we
all remember and keep our New Years resolutions! Haha love you all!

"I cannon never accomplished anything, I can try has wrought wonders."

Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson

Anchorage north zone
Top of a parking garage pics
Friends and family!

Well MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas!

This week was awesome for us! We got to visit lots of people and
invite them to our ward party and church on Sunday and most of them
came! I feel like maybe it was because we told them it was only
sacrament meeting on Christmas! Haha

We had our ward party on Friday and it went super good. There were
TONS of people that showed up! We of course had tons of food then they
did some dance performances and it was so good! The Samoan wards know
how to party!!

So Christmas Eve was probably one of the coolest and funniest times of
my mission! So us and some other missionaries decided to go out carol!
So we all met at the chapel  at 7pm and if turned into a mini football
game somehow haha! But them we went to a couple of house and carolled
and it went super good and so we decided hey let's go do this
downtown! We will walk around and sing! So we all went downtown and
start just singing "angels we had heard on high" and "come all ye
faithful" to random people on the streets and then a bar called us in
and we all sang to them! Then... the next door restaurant called us in
to sing for them! It was seriously the best thing ever! It made so
many people smile so hopefully we made a difference in some people's
lives! And that's the super awesome Christmas Eve story! I'll send the
video of us singing in the parking garage after we were done!

Christmas was really awesome! It was so good to talk to my family! One
1 more skype day left so that's pretty weird!

Well I guess that's a little bit of our Christmas week for you guys! I
hope you all have a great week and I'm grateful for all of you. And
I'm grateful for my savior and his love. He is the reason for season
and he is the reason why we are who we are and how we can become who
god wants us to become!

Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson
Friends and family!

Well everyone I hope you had a great week! We had a nice and cold week up here!

Tuesday we went to a big community service thing at the Sullivan arena
here and it was basically helping to give out food and presents all
day for Christmas! It was really cool and we got to talk to tons of
people as we went through the line with them. Then on Friday afternoon
we went and helped and member move some stuff to a new house. We moved
a matress and box spring, a couple dressers, a big couch,
entertainment cabinet and some other stuff in one load with 3 Nissan
frontiers.. so you can imagine how creative we got to load it all up!

On Wednesday we got the opportunity to go to the temple and that was
awesome it was my first time in a little while so it was good to be

We got to teach one of our investigators Natasha this week and so just
a little backstory with her she grew up Jewish so she doesn't believe
in Jesus Christ or the New Testament or anything but it's been
interesting teaching her and helping her learn who he is. She is open
to learning and she is beginning to grow in her testimony so that's

One new thing we tried this week was calling just random people in our
contacts that we didn't know and it's been interesting but also we
have found some people from it! In fact we called a family and they
aren't members. It they are coming back up in January and said they
want to learn more about the church! It was super cool!

On Sunday our talks went really good! I talked about ways we can put
Christ in Christmas! I talked about doing service, showing gratitude,
and being together with family. It's crazy to me that Christmas is so
soon! It feels like it was a month ago we had Christmas! Times flies!
I hope you all have a merry Christmas and remember to put Christ in
Christmas! I'm thankful for all of your and your examples to me. I'm
thankful for my savior and everything he has done for me. And I'm
excited to skype home on Sunday also! And I'm grateful for Skype too!

I love you all and merry Christmas 🎄🎁

Love, Elder Tyler John Fawson