Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 58

Friends and family!

Well this week was great! Haha Elder Lee got here safe and sound but it took forever! We didn't have to good of weather at the beginning of the week and we went to pick him up at 6:45 Tuesday night and the airport was dead.... we walked in to ask what happened and they said the flight was canceled. So we tried calling the APs and nothing and finally president called and said he would would fly in at 10:15 that night. Later we got a call that flight was cancelled... haha so finally president called us and said he would fly in the next morning at 8:30 and he finally got here!!! Haha he was at the airport for 5 hours till they went and picked him up again! Elder bacon got to palmer safe and sound also! 

Anyway we had a good week! We got to have a lesson with Liza Peterson who is one date and came to church yesturday!!! It was awesome and the Ward has assigned her visiting teachers to go over periodically! It's awesome! She is doing good we are just helping her through the word of wisdom challenges.

We met a lady a couple weeks ago while tracting and she told us that she wasn't interested but that we should go back and she would give us cookies!... so we took her up on it! We went back Thursday and she didn't have any cookies so she said come back Friday.... so we went back Friday and she made us super good cookies and had just had a bunch of wood delivered so we asked if we could stack if for her and she said she would love it! So we went back Saturday and she made us lunch too! It was make and build your own pizzas and it was awesome! She taught us to toss the dough also! Haha and we are trying to squeeze the gospel in whenever we can! I strategically "accidentally forgot" my Book of Mormon there so hopefully she finds and reads it! 

We did lots of tracting down at the docks this week and we found a bunch sea lions! They are sweet! I dared Elder Lee to go poke it! Haha (don't worry mom I wasn't being serious)! Haha but it's fun to talk with all the hard core fisher guys! Weirdly enough they are all super nice!

We have been just trying lots of new ways of finding so hopefully we can find some new people that need the gospel in kodiak! Thank you for everything you all do for me!!

"Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."

Love, Elder Fawson







Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 57

Friends and family!

Well this week was pretty good! It started out really wet! We got the aftermath of a hurricane 5 times the size of hurricane Mathew from the Bering sea! There was a bunch of flooded roads but that's about it! Nothing too bad! It was cool to see the weather though! The second half of the week was awesome though! It reminded elder bacon and I that there's rainbows after rain!

On Friday we got transfer calls and elder bacon is leaving to palmer and I will be getting elder lee! He is from Washington and is such a cool guy! This will actually be his last transfer so I will be "killing him off!" Hopefully he doesn't get me too trunky!!

We had a really awesome day Wednesday tracting! We went to the backwoods area and tracted and it was actually semi successful! We met a lot of cool people! We taught a couple door step lessons which is always a good thing and they invited us back! We actually ran into this dog that ended up following us for like 5 houses and when we would knock on the door he just sat there and so it threw the people off a little bit and then in the middle of the conversation they'd ask us is that your dog?!! Haha it was so funny to explain the situation! But that night we actually had found out that there was a public service announcement sent out that there was 2 males in he exact same area we were and that they were trying to break into houses! So we aren't sure if they were thinking us or the heck happened but crazy!!

Friday we got to do some service so that was really fun! We went and helped Manuel take out some windows then went and helped put out pumpkins for the fair! It was pretty cool!

Saturday we went to visit a part member family and as soon as we were about to leave they asked if we wanted to carve pumpkins with them and we couldn't pass up the opportunity so we got to carve some pumpkins!

Overall this week was really good! I'm super excited for this next transfer. We didn't get as many lessons as we would have liked to but we got some more tracting practice in!

Thanks for everything you all do for me! Love you all! 

"Some things can only be learned by faith"

2 nephi 2:2

Love, Elder Fawson

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 56

Friends and family!!

Hey there everyone! Hope everyone had a good week wherever you were. This week was good!

On Monday we went to this place called pasagsak! It was way cool and we went to the beach called fossil beach! I have lots of pictures for y'all.

So with my family moving over the last weekend I thought I had gotten out of moving!... nope I didn't! The lord didn't want that to happen! Haha so on Tuesday we got the opportunity to help the Thompsons move and they are a really awesome family and it was good to get to know them.

Friday we had zone meeting and it was awesome! It was a little different since we had to skype in! Haha but it was really good! We talked a lot about the importance of members. 

Tuesday we got a call from president Robinson asking what the best hotels in kodiak were and if we could get the numbers for him and he told us he hadn't ever been to kodiak before and this is the only weekend they will have time too so they decided to come out! President and sister Robinson flew in Friday afternoon and left Sunday afternoonafter church. It was really cool because we got to go to the nicest restaurant here in kodiak with them! It was good food! Haha so they know the schwantes family here so Saturday they got a tour of the island from them and then they came to our Ward mission leader meeting that night and it was awesome to have them there! Sunday they came to church with us! It was so cool to have them come out Andrew kodiak! They are awesome and it so cool to see how much they care about each missionary personally!

We did lots and lots of tracting this week and it's been interesting to say the least! So we have decided to to tract the kind of Backwoods areas because we figured those don't get tracted too much. We seemed to run into a lot of anti's this week so that was a bit of a shock to us but it was good! I learned a lot about our church from them. They had so many crazy things it was bizarre. It's so weird what some people hear about the church! But it was good because we just testified to them instead of trying to argue with them.

But on the good side of tracting we found a lot of people who weren't necessarily interested but wanted us to come back and have dinner and stuff with them so we are going to take them up on that! Haha and we got a few opportunities to teach a quick 10 minute lesson of the restoration so that was good!

Love, Elder Fawson

The scripture I have been working on memorizing lately is Moroni 7:48! So if you don't know that one check it out! It's pretty good!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Week 55

Friends and family!!

This week was really awesome! General conference weekends are pretty awesome! It is such a blessing to be able to hear from gods prophet and apostles!

On Monday we went a hike on what's called barometer mountain and it was so crazy! It was a very big mountain but we made it up and the view was amazing! One that that's a little different with being on the island is we Skype into our district and zone meetings so that's a little different! But it's a good time! It's funny because we just mute it and we can really say whatever! Haha 

We are still tracting lots and it is seriously the funniest thing to do! But besides all the laughs and crazy people we meet it's really cool to see the spirit work on people when we meet them till the time we share what the Book of Mormon is! It's actually been somewhat useful for us which is good. 

This week we had a really good lesson with Chris and Emma! (The family we Tracted into) and we talked about the Book of Mormon and it's importance and they loved and accepted it! They really want to start going to a church so hey why not just go to the true one! We had a lesson with Keily family and they are doing good. They just don't really want to change church's because they both grew up in the unification church. And that's all they have really known so we are working on them.

General conference was really good! I guess why wouldn't it be? Haha but I feel like the hit the Book of Mormon, repentance, and sustaining your testimony a lot! One of the most powerful talks to me was president uchtdorfs talk in the priesthood session about alma and amulek. It was awesome! I loved when he talked about everyone needs to find their amulek to be successful and that Everyone needs to hear the words I need you and The lord needs you. And than we need to see with our hearts. And then president Eyring talked about how there is no difference between the oldest apostle and the youngest deacon in gods eyes if you fulfill your priesthood duty. And of course David A Bednars about the difference between believing in God and believing him. It was a good weekend! Another weird fact... I only have 1 more general conference on my mission! Weird! 

Overall this week was really good I feel like we were spiritually nourished! Haha thank you guys and love you all!

Don't let your questions paralyze your faith!

Love, Elder Fawson