Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 50!!!

Friends and family!!!

This week was just peachy!!! It wasn't too crazy or anything but it was
good! Crazy how fast the transfer went! We get transfer calls this week! So
we will see what happens! It's crazy I've already been in the northern
lights Ward for 6 months!

One funny thing that happened to elder Tui and I this week is so we were
giving the training in district meeting then Monday night (district meeting
is Tuesday morning) we got a text from elder Carroll (our district leader)
saying hey by the way president and sister Robinson will be there tomorrow
at district meeting! Then a minute later he said and the zone leaders! Haha
so elder tui and I got a little nervous but it went good haha! We trained
on how to begin teaching in PMG! And president said it was an awesome
training so that made us feel better about it! Wednesday we had trainer
trainee meeting and it was our last one! It's crazy how this is the last
week of elder tuimoloaus training!

Our investigators are doing good! This Saturday is our baptism for Tifa and
Ryan! The big family we have been working with for a while finally moved
and they are still in our area so we are good! So now we are going to put
them on a baptismal date soon! But the kids are so cool! There's 6 that are
over the age of 9 that are ready! (Antwan, Reggie, Yoko, navy, Nate, and
honey!) so we will see what happens! we have a couple of new families that
we will be visiting this week too!

We got to do some service this week so that was fun! We got to do like
district service helping these people clean out this house that is probably
the most packed with garbage house I have ever seen! It got so cluttered
with garbage that they didn't have any space so they just moved and got a
new house! Haha so it was packed but we got to clean some of it out! And
then Wednesday we got to go on the military base and do a little service
for the fisher house! It's a hotelish thing by the hospital that is for
people to stay out that are out of state but in the hospital! So we got to
clean stuff!

But yea overall this week was good! Lots of fun!

"Get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and work" ~Gordon B

Alma 37:33
Alma 41:14

Love, Elder Fawson

P.s. I tried on elder tuimoloaus suit coat.... He's a big Samoan

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