Monday, September 5, 2016


Friends and family!!!!

This week was action packed!!!!

Well..... I'm being TRANSFERRED!!!! After 6 months of being in the northern lights Samoan Ward I'm leaving! I am going to KODIAK ISLAND!!! I'm so excited and pumped! It will be super awesome! I fly out tomorrow at 3:30! Just a really crazy fun fact for ya... Bears out number people so this will be fun! I will be serving with Elder Bacon who is a stud! Something funny is that I was talking to president Robinson last night and I am going to be learning some Spanish and Tagalog! Haha he said they have some investigators that only speak those languages so this is going to be awesome! Haha We will be the only missionaries to cover the whole island which is kinda crazy! It's one of those super cool areas that is the dream area so it made me feel cool to get called there! Haha! So if you have ever seen the movie "the guardian", it was based from Kodiak US Coast Gaurd station and I think the bush people do stuff there too lol! With being on the island we do a lot of skyping! Skyping in on district and zone meeting and then they fly us in for zone conference and interviews!

It's so weird to say bye to all the people here in this Ward! It was awesome to get the call to leave but I sat there for a second I feel like I'm leaving my home! I love the people of this Ward! One of the coolest things ever was the primary actually all wrote me little letters and gave them to me which was awesome! 

On p day we got to go golfing and that was so sweet! Haha we had a fun time! (Pictures below)

Wednesday we got to go to the temple! It was super awesome! It's really cool to be there because that is literally the goal of where we want everyone to be is in that sealing room! 

Friday we had zone meeting. It was such an awesome zone meeting and everyone started getting weirdly emotional in it! We have talked about pride and how there are soooo many different ways it affects each of us. So we each kind of self analyzed ourselves and stuff like that!

On Saturday we got to have our baptism for Ryan and Tifa Nonu and it was super awesome! Went really good! I got baptize and confirm Ryan! Such awesome dudes and I love them! (Pictures below)

Miracle for the week: so Krispy Kreme just opened up here and everyone is going crazy over it! It opened Monday and was packed! We went to get some on Thursday and it was over an hour wait so we were like oh well! We tried! That night we got home and our neighbor had left us some on our porch! Haha super awesome!

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten" ~ David A Bednar

Love, Elder Fawson
Tyler said this is Brother Brown, he is from Compton and is a legit crip! He is the man!!

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