Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 49

Friends and family!!

 This week was awesome! And first things first, Go watch the hello by Adele song but missionary version on YouTube! A member showed it to us and it's so awesome and will make your day!

Alright so Lau and Tara... They are a less active/ part member family but they are not too interested well sometimes..... So we went over last Sunday night and she said they were busy (as usual) but said to come back Monday night! And usually when they say that they just won't be there when we go back so this time. Something popped up Monday night so we didn't get to try and go over! So we went Tuesday and they said they made us dinner and everything! So we felt super super bad but we had a really awesome visit with them and found out that elder tuimoloau and them are somehow related and by the end of the visit he was talking about how his youngest daughter is 9 and he wants her to get baptized!!! Crazy how the spirit softens hearts! And best thing of all they wanted us to come over the next day and have lunch with them! It was super awesome! It's so awesome so now we are visiting with them this week and seeing what's going to happen!!

So we had this awesome experience of messing with people on Saturday! So this family is inactive and we called them a couple weeks ago and they wanted their records removed and we went over with out bishop on Wednesday and the father said to come back on Saturday! Sooo... We went back Saturday! We pulled up and the lights were on and so we were like sweet they are home! So we get out and start walking up the driveway and they turned the lights off and didn't answer the door... So elder tuimoloau and I decided we weren't going to go down without a fight! So we got back in the truck and drove down the road and parked and sat there and waited till they turned the lights back on! They we got out and ran up to the door and made eye contact with lady! So they had to answer!!!! They said they were busy of course but we didn't go down with making it awkward for them!!! Haha don't ignore us! We will catch you sometime! Haha funny times!!!

Oh Saturday we got to go to a wedding of these two members of our Ward! That was pretty fun!

Our investigators are doing good! Ryan and Tifa are still going to be baptized sept 3rd! Which is good! They are doing awesome and the family is awesome support! The Mano family is still progressing just trying to get them to not work on Sunday's! And the big family is doing good! They are moving on Friday but luckily still in our area! 

This transfer elder tuimoloau and I made the goal to read the Book of Mormon so we are getting there! I'm in Alma and I have to read 19 pages everyday for the rest of the transfer of I'm going to finish it! But it's so awesome and it seems like everytime I read it it makes so much more sence and things just click! I know that book is true!

But overall this week was really fun and we had some really good lessons! We are onto week 11 out of 12 of elder tuimoloaus training! Crazy how fast it's gone! I have been in the northern lights Ward for more than 5 months now so I feel like I've been here my whole life! Haha but the work is going good! Thanks for everything you do for me!

D&C 42:29 If thou lovest me thou shalt serve me and keep all my commandments.

"You cant direct the wind, but you can direct the sails."~President Thomas S Monson

Love, Elder Fawson

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