Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Happy August! Week 46!

Friends and family!!

This week was upper eventful and fun! We had lots of lessons and sadly We had to reschedule Angelica's baptism because they had family obligations! We had some super crazy things happen to us! On Thursday we went to see a less active and this huge black dog was out front and almost ate us! It didn't look like that mean of a dog but when we got out of the car it turned all rabies on us and I think it was scared to chase elder tuimoloau so it came after me and I swear I have never opened that car door and dived in the car so fast! Haha but it was so funny to talk about after! Second crazy thing that happened to us was while we were in mountain view visiting with a less active family and all of a sudden POP POP POP! Yea it was gunshots! We Heard gunshots during a lesson!!! It was pretty crazy! 

So this less active family we have worked with for a while now, they are young couple with a daughter and we got them going to church for a bit then they stopped and we just periodically will stop by to see how they are doing and everytime we stop by jaislene (the wife) says they we are literally an answer to their prays and everything because she said every time we stop by they are having a bad day or whatever and we cheer them up! Well Sunday after church we went to have a lesson with the big family we are teaching and it fell through and we were just going to leave and go home and change out of our suits and visit others but we decided to just go over to their house and see how they are doing and because we hadn't talked to them in a while! We literally caught them at the only time we really could have! So they have had lots and lots of things going on with their family that they live with and they all just kinda blew up on eachother so Michael and jaislene were grabbing stuff out and moving out to a new place and we caught them right when Michael was packing stuff up and jaislene was just sitting out side with her daughter! She said that when she saw us pull she knew God didn't give up and forget about her! It was a really awesome moment and she was talking about how we always show up when they are in need and so we got to share and scripture and have one of the most powerful prayers I think I've had on my mission! It was awesome! So moral of the story... Never delay on a prompting!!

This week we had lots of lessons and we are starting to have some new investigators pop up! So we are excited about that one! Thank you for everything you do for guys! You're awesome!

D&C 75:22 

Love, Elder Fawson

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