Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 47!

Friends and family! 

Well this week was peachy! Lots of cool stuff!

We were visiting a less active and they didn't answer so we both walked out of the building and then we both turned around at the same time and had the prompting to knock at the door we had just passed! We did and this Samoan lady answered and was kinda trying to shew us away but then decided to let us in and we got to teach her the Book of Mormon. It was so awesome! So moral of the story... Follow promptings! 

So I have a super funny story for you guys that only in a Polynesian Wards does stuff like this happen! So On Friday we had dinner with this family that gave us so much food that I ate almost 3 times my body weight in food! (Well not really that much but it felt like it!)  And then this is the best part of the story! I felt like I was about to throw up and so I got up and just said I needed some air and literary walked outside threw up Ina bush then went back in and ate more! The family is like our favorite family in the Ward and I told them after and they loved it haha! 

This week we also had zone meeting and that was really awesome! We talked about 1 nephi 8 and about the iron rod. We talked about why and what got us out on missions and the fact that that doesn't matter anymore and that we need to think about why we are staying out on missions! It was actually really awesome! We talked also about kind of finding yourself and how you can only find yourself when you're not looking and looking outside of yourself! The more you look outside of yourself the more you'll see him! And we also had trainer trainee meeting this week! It was basically just about the Book of Mormon and how we can better explain it when we are street contacting and stuff like that! And lastly we had interviews with president this week on Friday and those were actually really awesome too!!

We had our baptism for Angelica on Saturday and it went awesomely! Elder tuimoloau and I had to plan the whole baptism because our Ward mission leader isn't here right now so we were stressed about it going smoothly but I went really good! It's seriously the best feeling to help someone come closer to Jesus Christ! So Angelica was from a part member family and wasn't baptized and so we taught her and well... Baptized her! 

Overall this week was really awesome! We had the baptism for Angelica, tons and tons of meetings, and we got to teach a lot which is always a good thing! But thank you for all you do for me! 

Weather update for everyone: it has been raining non stop for the past 3 weeks here! 

"As you become closer to Jesus Christ, don't think for a second he doesn't come to know you better" ~President Russell M Nelson 

D&C 75:22

Love, Elder Fawson

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