Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy General Conference!

Friends and family!!

Well this week was pretty awesome! General Conference was pretty dang awesome too! Oh and happy birthday Brody!!!! You're getting old! Last Monday P-day was so fun! We did some shopping then went and played sports at a church with a bunch of other missionaries and it was awesome! I have some pictures and videos to send!

We had to go to the mission office tons this week so I feel like our whole week we were there haha! But on Tuesday night we went and gave our Brother Brown a blessing because he was getting open heart surgery the next day! We had dinner before that visit and we got there and did the blessing then they gave us pizza, cool ranch Doritos, and Mountain Dew! Haha it was just dandy! The Samoans here seriously just like light up when we tell them I served in Samoa and when I speak Samoan to them! It's weird because I feel like I know more right now then I did when I was in Samoa! Crazy! It's so cool too because they like love us now and when we leave they give us soooo much food and stuff! Haha hopefully I gain weight from it all!! Haha 

A tender mercy we had this week was on Friday we were visiting with a family and they had their granddaughter over and she was super funny. We were just about to start our spiritual thought and their son and daughter in law walked in to pick up their daughter and they haven't ever really been to church. They were super cool and we talked with them for a while and invited him to come play basketball with us on Saturday mornings and invited them to come to the church to watch General conference at the church or on TV and they came to the church to watch it!! It was the right place at the right time! It was one of those moments where you just have to thank to lord for it! We are meeting with them this week again so hopefully they start coming to church haha!

General Conference was pretty dang awesome too! We watched it at one of the chapels here with basically our zone. I feel like the whole conference they talked about temples and families! It was good to see President Monson speak again! One of the talks I loved was Elder D Todd Christofferson's about fathers! And man I love you dad! You have been such an awesome example to me. Especially with dealing with life's trials and keep pressing forward with a good attitude! I am so excited for the opportunity to one day be a father! I'm so grateful I have been blessed with an awesome father and a pretty amazing mother and family too! I love you guys! 

It's pretty awesome they they are building 4 new temples also! They seemed to talk about temples  and the importance and blessings of the temple! It really is one of the coolest and most spiritual moments ever to go through the temple! Kassidee and Josh will know what it's like pretty soon! Brace yourself! Haha 

Well that's kinda been my week! Have a good baptism Eric! It's going to be awesome! Send me some pictures! Love you guys! 

Love, Elder Fawson

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