Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week of service!

Friends and family!!

Well this week was pretty good! We did a lot of service!! It's crazy how fast these weeks are going! I bet Eric's baptism was awesome! I saw some pictures and it looked like it was such a cool day for Eric! Love ya Eric! I feel like I just said Eric some much haha!

On Wednesday we went to the anchorage storehouse and helped pretty much all day there! We bagged potatoes and put tons of cans on shelves! So fun!

On Thursday we went and did service for the anchorage library because the whole building is under construction so they shut down the normal elevators to move them so they had to use the service elevators but you have to have a key to use them so elder Judd and I's job was to both sit in the elevator for 5 hours and push the button to each level so the elevator could keep running without the key! We were in the elevator for 5 hours! You can only imagine how crazy we went haha! There are all sorts of people that visit the library haha!

Friday we had zone meeting which was really awesome! We had 2 lessons with investigators too! One with Kayla and and one with tupe! Kayla is having a baby and is due like may 20th so we have to wait for that but then after she's done with all that she will be baptized! Kinda awesome! Tupe just married Opapo who is member and she is just very questionative! But she said she's 90% sure it's the true church so that's where we are with her!

On Saturday we helped move 2 families! It was awesome! It's kinda nice to get out of the white shirt and tie for a little bit! We almost died on Saturday night! Just kidding but something crazy happened! We were driving home from our dinner on old Seward which has two lanes on each side of the road and we were in the right and this Silverado was in the left and hit the center divide and flew up into the air and into our lane and we slammed on our brakes and almost hit the curb! We are all fine though! No need to worry mom! We pulled over to see if she needed any help and she didn't but she said saw us and thought to herself that we were probably up to something good because she saw our white shirts and name tags and then drifted into the divide and popped both of her tires and ruined both the rims also! We felt so bad! But luckily we were all safe! Tender mercy of the lord! 

Overall this week was full of service and I love it! It's nice to get into normal clothes and help people! And mosiah 2:17 doesn't lie! Thank you for all the emails and for everything you guys do for me!

Love, Elder Fawson

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