Monday, April 25, 2016


Friends and family!!

So first off I would like mention happy birthday mom! You are the best mom ever! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you in my life! Well this week has been pretty good! On Monday we went and played football and ultimate frisbee with our zone and it was awesome! 

On Tuesday and Wednesday we helped the library again! We basically just directed people where they needed to go because the whole place is like under construction and a mess!

Thursday we just OYM and we also had a lesson and dinner with our investigator Jr.! He isn't married to his spouse so we have to wait for that to happen! These Samoans just don't like to get married! 

On Friday we had zone conference pretty much all day at is was awesome! We talked about a reservoir of living water talk by elder Bednar and just lots of things about our mission and what we all need to work on! We talked about comp unity and our present pulled our 2 2x4's and talked about how 1 can support 577 pounds but when you put 2 together they can hold 4610 pounds! So the new saying in the mission is "Be 4610!"  They really are the best because you walk out just so motivated and ready to like karate chop some cinder blocks haha! 

So I have some pretty crazy statistics about the church for ya! The church has the second biggest fleet of cars in the world!.... First is the US military! And they have about $500,000,000 in cars! The Alaska Anchorage Mission has about $2,700,000 in cars! We learned these all from our mission vehicle coordinator who had a training about our cars! It's makes you realize how big the church is!

On Saturday we went to Cheney pond and just walked around and talked with people that were fishing! Elder Judd loves to fish and knows lots so it kinda gets our foot in the door so this next week we get to go visit some of the people! Kind of a cool thing! They stock this pond so no joke everyone just rips fish out of it every 5 seconds! So there's like 20 people huddled around this little cove type deal! I have some pictures I'll send! That night we had a ward dinner and auction and movie night fundraiser for the young women's camp! Dinner was good! It was also pretty awesome too because a lot of the things people bought they just gave to us! So we got a bunch of pies and food and even some gift cards including a $50 card to Costco so it was cool! We didnt stay for the movie though haha!

We have a new investigator! Her name is Margaret and she just moves up here with her 2 daughters from Samoa! She was taking the lessons and we contacted her yesterday! So we will start teaching and getting to know her this week! Kinda awesome!
I learned why there are so many Samoans up here! It's because there is a military base up here and a lot of the Samoans are in the military and when some of the family moves.... ALL of the family moves! So yea that's why!

Well I love it up here! Everything is going good! Thanks for all you do for me!

Alofa atu!

Love, Elder Fawson
                   Ty holding a fish! 
         Doing service at the library!
                          His Zone!
      He opened his hymn book he has had since he was 8 and saw this cute souvenir from Blake when he was 4!

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