Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Friends and family!!

Well this week has been interesting to say the very least! Haha elder Judd and I have had like a cold/ flu bug type deal like all week so that wasn't too fun! 

On Monday we had a big zone park day and played games at the park and it was way fun! There were 3 sprained ankles and 1 torn hamstring and then I'm wasilla there was 4 sprained ankles! Sister Taylor (mission nurse) said that every year this happens when the sun starts to come out and it starts to get warm that injuries just flood in so we are praying we are all safe now! Haha our dinner that night was awesome and remember when I said that people here are so surprised and love that a white kid like me could speak Samoan? Well they kept like taking videos of me in Samoan and kept asking me to say different things! It was hilarious!

Tuesday we did lots of OYM (open your mouth) at parks by us because so many people are our and about when the weather starts to become super nice! That night we went to the Ah Sam family for kinda of a family home evening thing and they invited their daughter and son in law that are less active and we have been working with them for a little while to get them back to church! It was really awesome and they asked lots of questions so basically it went from us sharing ether 12:27 to us talking about how the father son and Holy Ghost are separate beings and why we pray in the name of Jesus Christ! So it was totally directed by the spirit which was kinda awesome!

On Wednesday and Thursday we were quarantined to our apartment by sister Taylor so we could get better! Haha 

Friday we had a lesson with Futi and we are waiting for her to get marry her boyfriend that she lives with! Samoans just don't like to get married haha! But she's in her 30s and says she knows it's true so we are just like them get married so you can be baptized!!!!!! It's been a fight! Haha

Saturday we did a service for this estate sale that we just told people to not park in certain places so it was pretty easy! The guy that owned this house owned a thrift shop in town so you can only even imagine the weird stuff in this house! I think I saw some of the weirdest things of my life here! Haha I don't even know how to explain it! 

Our favorite place ever here is Costco! We had it seriously like everyday this week whether we went and had lunch there or the family had Costco food for us for dinner! It was crazy! That place is seriously like as close to the celestial kingdom as you can get on earth haha!

Well that's been about it this week! I love you guys! Thanks for all you do for me!

Love, Elder Fawson

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