Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!!!

Friends and family!!

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!! Such an awesome time of year! It's been so cool to be a missionary at this time and ponder everything Jesus Christ has done for us! Our dinner cancelled on Easter so we just made sandwiches but it was still awesome!! 

And my uncle Eric is being baptized! That's so awesome! I wish I could be there for it but hey it's all good! It's going to be the best decision you'll have ever made! I love you guys! 

Well this week was awesome!! I love the Samoan ward! It's kinda awesome because when I tell them that I served in Samoa for a little bit they just light up! And they love that I can speak the language too! It surprises the heck out of them!! I love it! So one super cool thing is we were talking to our bishop and he grew up in Alafua and that was basically right in the center of my area in Samoa! He was explaining where he lived  and I had dinner with his two of his nephews so it's kinda awesome! Again..... It's a small world!!

So my companion is Elder Judd from Arizona and he is the man! I could have seen us being super good friends back home! It's always nice when you get a companion and you're like best friends! He's teaching me how to play the ukulele so soon I'll be able to play some good stuff!:) and he loves subway too!!!!

Our area is huge! We cover northern anchorage and eagle river and into wasilla so it's pretty big!! Remember when I was back home and I said I wanted to go to Compton? Well we cover mountain view which is basically the Compton of Alaska! It's awesome!

Our week has been filled with talking to less actives! Our bishop gave us a list with all the less actives so we have just been calling and visiting trying to get people back to church! And they came!!!! We had soooo many people at church on Sunday! Hopefully they all keep coming haha!

Haha so one thing I love is our first counselor! His name is brother brown and he's hilarious!!! He always calls us gay and not to fufu and he calls everyone n*ggers and he's this old crazy guy!!! 

On Saturday night elder Judd and I had take some stuff to the mission home and then ended up having dinner with president and sister Robinson so that was cool! 

Well that's all I can really think of this week! It's so cool to be back in the Samoan culture again because the people are just too awesome! I love speaking and learning the language again too! I haven't really had any Samoan food yet but probably this week! Well hopefully! Happy Easter again! I love and miss you guys! You're in all my prayers!

Love, Elder Fawson

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