Sunday, September 6, 2015

First 6 weeks in the mission!

Malo Aiga!

Its crazy to me that I have already been in the mission for a full transfer cycle now! and My first planner of 17! haha! This week was really awesome! We had a baptism for this 11 year old boy named Tala! Hes such a cool kid and he is the first kid in his family baptized and the coolest thing is yesturday his parents came to church and wants to start lessons! It was seriously so cool to see how one little boys decision can impact his family forever! 

One crazy thing I have noticed being here is that I just like "hunger" to study! back home you probably would never catch me studying or even reading! haha! But I feel like I just want to read and study the BOM and Preach My Gospel like all day! Its crazy! 

So one awesome thing this week too was in our area there is this print shop where you can print pictures and stuff and Elder Johansen and I went in there to see how much it would be and we met this guy shane! HE SPOKE ENGLISH!!!! And we talked with him about like the prices and what they do and stuff and somehow someway we got talking about the Book of Mormon and we had almost a little lesson with him and hes interested and so we are meeting with him again in the next few days! It really opened my eyes about missionary work! It just takes that little spark of interest and thats what the spirit works off! 

And yet again this week we had a pig in our shower! haha I guess they just love it in there! haha Probably one of the funnest things is Elder Johansen and I quote Jim gaffigan and Nacho Libre all the time and whenever we are down or just tired we start quoting and we just start dieing of laughter! Its so funny!

My language is actually getting better! The gift of tongues is so real! I have noticed that in lessons I can understand a lot of what the person is saying! Its so cool! I can kinda speak it and it is surely coming slowly everyday! 

Being on a mission has opened my eyes on how powerful the gospel is and the happiness it brings to others! I know its true with out any doubt! I know the Book of Mormon is absolutley true! I Promise just like in 3 Nephi 18: 18-19 Ask and ye shall Recieve! We just have to ask!

I love you guys and miss you soo much! Thank you for all the love and support! 

Love, Elder Fawson

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