Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last week of my first transfer!

Malo Aiga!

This week was awesome! On Tuesday, Elder Robbins of the seventy presidency and Elder Halleck of the seventy came and spoke to us! It was cool because It was all of the island Upolu there and only Upolu so it made me really happy to be on Upolu right now haha! Elder Hallech talked about just making our time count and to give the mission everything we have! Elder Robbins was awesome and talked about when we teach investigators we need to be walking in the same path with them and basically being their guides to eternal life haha! He talked a lot about Faith and Trials too. How we only apreciate light when we have darkness and it really is so true! Thats why we have trials is so that we can realize what we have and humble ourselves and thats when the lord blesses us. Just like Ether 12:6!

This week was really cool too because I finished the Book of Mormon! I decided that thats the first thing I want to do is read through the BOM again at the beginning of my misison! I started it July 30th and for an hour everyday in personal study and in sacrament and stuff and I finished it on August 30th! I know it is true without a shadow of a doubt! When I read it just answers any questions I have or anything I am pondering. I love the Book of Mormon. I have a bunch of verses that I loved but I decided that the whole thing is my favorite so just go read the whole thing! haha!

My super favorites were

3 Nephi 12:47

Mormon 8:24 "With his name you can remove mountains"

and all of 3 Nephi and Moroni! haha

On Wednesday night for our dinner it was awesome! The guy was a fisherman and he gave us Barracuda! It is so freakin good! And the best part is they gave us CHOCOLATE MILK and gave us red velvet cake! It was the best haha! One other food related blessing we had this week was our Stake Presidents wife gave us some home made brownies and you cannot even imagine Elder Johansen and I's excitement! They tasted soooooo good! You dont appreciate those things till you dont have them for a while haha!

Elder Johansen and I never have a dull moment because we just quote Nacho Libre and Jim Gaffigan all day! haha

One of the many good things about missionary work is we get home a plan and do area book work for a little bit and around 9;45 we are getting read for bed and I literally lay down and before you know it I am sleeping! Its like I just close my eyes and open them and its 6:30 haha! Its way cool!

If you guys are ever having a bad day just know that the other day Elder Johansen went to go shower and THERE WAS A PIG IN OUR SHOWER! haha It was the funniest thing ever! It made us laugh for so long! 

We just got a new investigator and his name is Bernard and he is 15! He is the coolest kid and wants to be baptized so we are doing his lessons and they are going awesome!

Well thank you for all the love and support! I love and miss you guys more then you can even know and you are all in my prayers! love you guys!

Love, Elder Fawson

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