Sunday, September 20, 2015

3 months!

Malo lava aiga!

Well its crazy I have already been out for more then 3 months! Where has the time gone?! its crazy to even think about! This week our new mission president came in and we havent had the chance to meet him but his name President Hanneman and they are from Hawaii! He served in this mission back in the day! We are excited to meet him!

This week has been sooooo hectic! We have 4 baptisms coming up this saturday so it has been crazy busy doing lessons and everything! first is Iosefo and Fili and they are two parents and all their kids have been baptized and now they have the desire and know its true! its a really cool situation! They are really awesome and soo funny and loving! The other two is Vealeui and Faaleo and they are an older couple that has been taking lessons for a while and well the spirit is working on them and they finally made the decision they want to be baptized! They are so loving and always so nice! 

I have seen soo many blessings and how much the lord knows each and everyone of us! This week was just cool because on tuesday we had this situation where it was like 6 and our dinner canceled and we had to go home and get something and we didnt really have any food to eat so we were a little stressed on what we were going to do and Elder Johansen and I just decided to keep doing visits and hope something would work and we would go "Feed our Sheep" instead of ourselves haha and we went to one of our visits and they were busy but she gave us a big thing of peanut butter and jelly and bread and thought that we would need it! it was kinda crazy how it was just a testimony builder to me and how when we put the lord first everything else works out! needless to say we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that night! lol

So in one of our wards has this guy and his name is Richard Brown and played linebacker in the NFL for a couple years then was a scout! He is the coolest guy and always gives us the best advice and everything! so this week we invited him to one of our lessons and that was really awesome so we had a lesson with a NFL player present! I will have to check that off the bucket list! lol! His wife always brings us food and stuff! They are soooo nice to us! And he always wants us to come over and teach his son some basketball! haha

One thing I have realized has been a blessing in my life is living in a few different places because I relate so sooo many more people because I have lived where they have or just by them! Its just really cool because it builds like a little relationship just because we both lived in Las Vegas or California or Utah! haha 

One funny moment this week was in a visit with a less active family we were sharing a spiritual thought and all of a sudden "The Climb" By miley cyrus came on and my comp and i look at eachother and it was just the funniest moment! lol 

This week in my studies and just studied about the lessons and really trying to get them in my head and how to teach them the best! So yea!

Well thats kinda it this week! Thank you guys for all the love and support for me and for everything you have done for me! I love and miss you guys!

Love, Elder Fawson

Zone after playing soccer 
These are supreme ramen noodles!
Their zone leaders were over and they realized they all had the same color ties on!

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