Sunday, September 13, 2015

He ate shark!!!!!

Malo Aiga!

This week was crazy busy! full of lessons and restrengthening recent converts and less actives! It was really cool because some of the people we visited this week came to church yesturday and it is one of the best feelings and it just makes all the work worth it to see them there and happy!

Well one thing I have learned is how tiring missionary work is! We go from visit to visit to visit till 9 then we plan and well as you can imagine I lay down and it takes about 43 seconds for me to fall asleep! Its so crazy! then it feels like the blink of an eye and my alarm clock says 6:25! haha

So here in Samoa this week the Youth Common Wealth Games were held and it was crazy because we are in the town area so we get to deal with all that traffic and everything! haha! we could hear all the announcements and everything from the stadium in our house! haha! One of the coolest parts too was that on Saturday at the closing ceremony they had fireworks! And Its the first time in a while that there has been fireworks in Samoa! So It was cool to see them and EVERYONE was outside watching them! It was really cool!

This was a goooood food week! First off, I love oka! It is one of the best foods ever! oka is raw fish in coconut milk and it doesnt sound to good but it is sooooo good! and so speaking of fish... I had SHARK this week! and that was really cool! It tastes like a dense fish kinda like chicken! its good! and the beginning of this week at a dinner we had fish and litterally they go catch a fish or go to the market and get one and throw it on the fire cook it and give it to you! so I had some fish eye this week too! haha but its like just picking apart a fish! its good! I also LIVE OFF this ramen noodles called supreme saimini! and Man is it good! pretty much every lunch! And this week I also had pizza! TWICE! It is sooooo good! The pizza here is sooo bomb! But anyway some good food this week!

We have a couple of baptisms in the next weeks! We have lots of progressing investigators and it cool to really so how the gospel blesses lives of others! It makes all the long days and hot and sweaty white shirts worth it!

In my studies this week I really studied in Preach my Gospel and how i can become a better missionary! I studied a lot of Christlike Attributes like humility, diligence, hope, and patience! and I also studied in D and C and also my partriachal blessing! And I feel like I learned sooo much!!

Thats kinda the jist for this week! Thank you guys for all you do for me and for all the love and support for me

Love, Elder Fawson

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