Sunday, August 23, 2015

First baptism!!!

Malo Aiga!

This week has been so crazy! We got notified last monday that President and Sister Tolman were being released for medical purposes and it was the saddest news because they are who make the mission the best! They left on Friday and we have an Interim President until they call and train a new president! Its just so crazy it was so fast! We had Zone conference on Tuesday and President Tolman and Sister Tolman were there and he was talking to us about it and you could just feel his love for the mission and how much it ment to him. They said it was the hardest decision of their life to make. But I know the lord will bless them and the mission!

On Saturday was my first baptism and it was the coolest thing ever! The spirit was so strong and I didnt know the Samoan pray for it to well but when I got up there the words just flowed out of my mouth! It was one of the coolest experiences of my life!

So its kinda funny because last Pday we had a zone Pday and played basketball and the hoop was just a little bit lower and I could dunk really good and no one else could and some kids saw it and now they all call me the basketball elder and just want me to come play basketball with them and dunk because no one can dunk here! So I feel like a little superstar elder lol!

Another cool thing is that Tomorrow we have Elder Lynn Robbins of the seventy presidency coming to speak to us so that will be awesome!

My book of mormon reading was awesome this week! Its crazy how it doesnt matter where or what I read but I always find an answer to a question or something to make me a better person or missionary! Here are some good ones I read this week!

Alma 32:21

Alma 26:12

Alma 37: 36-37

Alma 37:25

Alma 38:5 Put your name in the place of Shiblon

Mathew 9:10-13

Its crazy to me how fast time flys! We are already on Week 5 of our 6 week transfer cycle! I am so excited for the work in Samoa! Thank you for everything you guys do for me and I love and miss you all! 

Love, Elder Fawson

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