Sunday, August 16, 2015

2 month mark!

Malo Aiga!

Its crazy that 2 months ago I was being dropped off at the MTC! It seems like it was yesterday! So I better make these next 22 months count! haha!

Well this week has been really crazy! We scheduled 4 baptisms! We have a baptism this saturday for this girl named Meto! She is 19 and loves the gospel! She even wants to serve a mission! And then in 3 saturdays there is Iosepho and Fili! They are these 2 parents that have all their kids baptized but they just havent had the faith or answer from heavenly father but they said they are recieved an answer and that they know this is true and want to be baptized! The lessons are going awesome with them! and lastly is this awesome guy named Sava'i! He is in his 20's and his family is baptized but just inactive and he is loving the missionary lessons and loves the ward! He is being baptized in a 3 weeks also!

This week we have also had lots of visits with inactive's and recent converts and those are also really cool! Thats where I think my samoan has really gotten better because im the spiritual thought giver haha!

I love my companion! We always quote movies all day haha! And we sing songs but fill the words with church words lol!

The food seems to get better and better each week! I had some pig these week and let me tell ya! Thats the best! And we had lots of ulu which is bread fruit!

Humidity.... at the beginning of the week it was soooo humid! We litterally were dripping sweat just sittin at our table studying and you can only imagine how it was when we started riding our bikes around Samoa! haha! But it was also super rainy this week!! and Like Wednesday it was POURING! And we had to ride our bikes basically to the top of our our area and we live at the bottom and we got there and they said they couldnt have it so we were soaked and it was fun! Haha but man the whole time I was thinking how awesome it is to be biking through the rain to get to our investigators!

We also had dinner with our stake president this week and he is a way cool guy! He is in the translation department for the church and manages the translation from english to samoan stuff so thats way cool! And the coolest thing is he used to be a rapper and was on MTV and stuff! haha!

I am actually getting used to the cold showers! They feel a little warmer when I get in haha!

So when I first got in the field I decided I was just going to read through the BOM and so far I am at Alma 28! I have read some of the New testament this week and here are some verses I thought you guys would like:

Mosiah 27:36

Alma 5:13 and 7:23

Mathew 5:16 and 10:20

John 1:10

Luke 1:37

Thank you for everything you guys do for me! I love and miss you guys and you are all in my prayers!

Love, Elder Fawson

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