Sunday, August 9, 2015

2nd week in Samoa!

Malo Aiga!

Weeks seem to go by so fast its crazy!! So this week was pretty awesome becasue we got to have Mcdonalds this week because its in our area! So something thats weird here is that everyone watches English movies and music! Samoans love to play music sooo loud and its like popular songs back home so we never miss a new song lol!

Food is pretty good here! One of my new favorite foods is "Oka" it is raw fish in a bowl of coconut milk with some onions and it is pretty dang good! My favorite time of the day is 6 pm because thats when our dinners are haha!

Sitting cross-legged for hours at a time is well... so hard! I feel like my legs are going to fall off and when we stand up we literally feel like they are paralyzed haha!

The language comes a little bit at a time! Everyone says that it take atleast about 3 months before you can really say stuff and understand so I am excited to do that because it is the most frustrating thing when we sit in lessons all day and I dont even understand where the lesson is going or what the invesitigator is asking or understanding and what my companion is saying! Its probably been the hardest thing for me! We have a baptizm next saturday so that is going to be really cool!

I experienced my first rainstorm on Friday and Saturday and man it POURS! I didnt know that much rain could fall! It poured rain all night and our house has a metal roof so you can only imagine what that sounded like! haha!

Being on my mission and have 1 hour a day of reading the Book of Mormon has made me have such a great love for it! I actually look forward to that hour a day because I feel like it doesnt matter where I read or what I read, I always get an answer to my question! So here are some good verses I thought you guys would like to read that I read this week:

2 Nephi 32:3, 9

Enos 1:15

Jacob 6:12 (my favorite of all time!!)

Mosiah 1:6-7

D&C 6:36

D&C 9:14

D&C 10:5

D&C 90:24

Also one thing this week that has really hit my is that the people of Samoa dont need me... I need the people and I need Samoa! Being here has truely made me so grateful for everything I have! like A/C and warm showers and a washer and dryer and just everything! I think thats why I am here:)

Well thank you all for all the love and support and I love and miss you all more than you know!

Love, Elder Fawson

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