Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 52!!! Kodiak!!

Friends and family!!!

Well hello out there from Kodiak island! So I'm not sure how last week was week 52 but I hit my 1 year mark on Friday September the 16th! So that's pretty cool! It definently has felt like a year out in the field! Well I am out here in Kodiak! I guess I'm just meant for the islands! Haha I flew in on Tuesday and I already love it!

Well one thing I've learned here is that we do tons and tons of service!! Haha we do about 20 hours a week of just service for people! And most of the time it's stacking wood! Haha I have some pictures but we have helped an investigator named Manuel stack wood and it has been... Fun! Haha but this up coming week we are helping some people paint their house and stacking some more wood! So it should be fun!

One super cool thing about Kodiak and the reason why I know the lord looks out for us is Kodiak doesn't get much snow at all! Everyone here says it's the best place to be for the winters! So that's pretty cool! I guess Heavenly Father knows I'm not much of a fan of the cold! People here say it's 30s 40s in the winter! Sweet I'll take it! One thing I found out when I got here is that there are Samoans here! Which is super cool and maybe it's one of the reasons I am here! But we are just searching for them too! Elder bacon is awesome! He hits his year mark sept 30th! He was called Spanish speaking and there are a lot of people that can only really speak Spanish here too! Kodiak is very diverse!

There's lots and lots of fishing here! That's what Kodiak is really known for is the fishing! There are tons of big fishing boats in the harbors! The other big job here is the coast guard station. The coast guard station here is the biggest in Alaska! It's the main one for the Bering sea and everything.

Wednesday morning we fly to anchorage for zone conference then fly back Thursday morning! It's kind of different to not be around other missionaries! The Ward is really awesome! And the chapel is even cooler! It's totally Alaskan! I'll send some pictures because it's so cool!

Our investigators are doing good! I am still meeting them! We have some only Spanish investigators so that's pretty cool! So you can say I get a little lost during the lessons. Those 2 years of Spanish didn't work! Haha it's a really diverse population here. And lots of people come here to work in the summer then go back but we are starting to get some good referrals and more work! 

Well that was my week in a nutshell! It's so awesome to be out here in Kodiak and I'm excited for this new adventure! It's crazy on Friday I'll have been out a year already! Time goes fast when your serving the lord!

Matthew 10:39

"After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the gospel" ~Joseph Smith 

Love, Elder Fawson

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