Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week 54

Friends and family!

Well this week was awesome! We are seeing miracles here in Kodiak!!

Lots of tracting! We are in finding mode right now but this week we had a lot of really good things come from tracting! We have refined our tracting approaches so much and I guess you could say we are pretty good now! Haha our goal is to start teaching right away and to not give them any time to say no and it usually works out really good! We have a couple of new investigators from it that we are really excited for! Earlier in the week we were tracting in some awesome rain and wind so we were soaked! It was fun and we hoped that people would feel bad for us and let us in but that didn't really work out as we thought it would! Haha 

This week we helped Manuel a lot with his Trailer he is trying to move from the trailer park (back story: so there is a place called the Jackson trailer park and it has this really awesome view of the ocean so they are selling the land so they can put estates there so they told everyone hey have to leave so we have been helping people with that). We helped jack up his trailer this week so that was pretty cool! Learned something new! So his trailer is ready to go now! Manuel speaks Spanish and so good thing we have elder bacon! He's not really interested in religion but we are still helping him and asking questions and teaching him when we can!

So a week ago or so we were tracting in a apartment complex and we got in the truck but a really strong impression to just do this group of doors by the truck. We got out and the first door we knocked this lady answered and said you found me! Haha we were like uhhhhh yeaaaa!! She is a really less active member and hasn't been to church in 30 years. She said earlier that day she had seen us driving and waved and we had waved to here and she said she had been thinking about the church all that day. She said it was a sign that maybe heavenly father wants her back at church! So this week we got to go see her with our Ward mission leader (he went to byu in Hawaii) and Shannon is from Hawaii so they hit it off pretty well! The Ward is already assigned people to go over and see her and she is raising her grandson who is now 10 and she said she wants him to learn about the church and be baptized! So we will be soon teaching both of them! Which is awesome!

Saturday we did a service with our Ward and it was to unburry this bunker at the fort Abercrombie here! It was really cool and then after the park took us on a tour of the museum. It is really cool the history from there! So history moment for all you... Alaska actually was really big in world war 2 because if your were to fly from Japan to essentially Washington you would fly over Kodiak/illusion chain/kenai peninsula and so there's lots of watch places here where they basically had forts and would make sure none of Japan or russia was flying over! Pretty cool!

This week was fun, wet, and full of the gospel! I'm thankful for this opportunity to be in Kodiak and I love it! And most of all I love the people! Thanks for  everything you guys do for me! Love you all!

D&C 6:36

Oh and I forgot to mention we had dinner with a Filipino family this week and they gave us balut! Weirdest thing I have ever eaten!! Haha there's a picture of the bird!

Love, Elder Fawson

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