Monday, June 13, 2016

Transfer calls!! I'm training!!!

Friends and family!!!!

This week was so awesome! It was transfer calls on Friday night and for those who don't know what it's like... It's like the most intense night you have ever gone through! Every companionship is huddled around their phone waiting for the call from president after 9 o'clock! It's so awesome to because your phone is going none stop with all the calls from missionaries asking where everyone is going and telling where they are going! Now you guys are probably wondering what happened with it right?!... Well we got some really REALLY awesome transfer calls! Elder Judd will be leaving to wasilla to be a zone leader and I will be staying here and training a brand new missionary straight from the MTC! Holy cow the pressure is on! Of course all the feelings of inadequacy come creeping into your mind but you just have trust in our father in heaven and the mission president that you can do it! So in the mission your trainer is know as your dad and your trainee is know as your son and so everybody refers to there trainers and trainees as their sons or dads so I will have a son in the mission! Gotta love the mission lingo!

Tuesday we got to go through the temple! It was my first time going through the one up here so it was an awesome experience! I love going to the temple it's always the most peaceful and happiest feeling during and after the trip! We went to the temple with our zone and you can definently tell it brings everyone together so much and unites everyone!

This week was also filled with lots of opportunities to do some service! Earlier in the week we helped an older lady cut done some branches with our district and take them to the dumps but we got to the dump right when they closed so we had to improvise and with permission we put it all in the dumpster at the church and had to stomp it down! It doesn't sound too fun but let me tell ya... It was a blast! Haha

Saturday the sisters in our district asked if we could help one of their members take all this mulch and spread it everywhere!! It's was a ton of mulch!! But we got it done! It was super fun and the family was so nice and even took pictures of us and sent it to our moms! Later that day we went to help a family move! You can only imagine how sore we were that night and Sunday morning haha! 

Today we are going fishing so it's going to be pretty awesome! The king salmon are running so if we catch one we will send some pictures!!! We have our day licenses and poles and tackle from members so we are ready!

Overall this week was one for the books! It was the most stressful and anxious night of our mission on Friday night waiting for that call from president! I am so excited for the opportunity to help a new missionary in the mission become closer to our Heavenly Father and help others too! I'm even double blessed because on Wednesday we have a meeting and that's when we pick up our new trainees and after we get to go to the temple again! Thanks for all you guys do for me! I love and care about you all so much! 

The church is true
The book is blue
And Moroni is still on the ball!

Love, Elder Fawson
They got to go fishing today for king salmon! They were pretty excited!!!

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