Monday, May 30, 2016

P-day again?!?!

Friends and family!!!

Well this week was pretty great!! We found new people and the work is starting to speed up!

Monday we played basketball with our zone and it was pretty awesome as usual and then had family home evening with the Amituinai family afterward! It was pretty cool!

Tuesday we had district meeting and then did some service for this old lady! We cleaned out her garage and made room for her new embroidery machine! Haha after we pretty much just OYMed the rest of the day at the parks! Which is always fun!

Wednesday and Thursday we were on exchanges with our zone leaders! It was good! I got to the zone leaders area and they are downtown anchorage and they deal with all the drunk native people! Haha so it was really interesting! But we actually found this guy named Kenny at this apartment complex and taught him the restoration and he has a probably with smoking and drinking so we even got to get him to go the addiction recovery classes that night which was pretty dang cool! But we did a lot of talking to people downtown which is interesting! Haha

Friday we did some service for that same old lady again and cleaned out her garage even more! She had a pretty messy garage haha! But our district was there so it was pretty fun! She is really less active but hopefully she went to church! She is a member of a different ward but hopefully she went to church!

Saturday was just a really crazy day! We met with a lot of our investigators so that was cool! We were actually given a referrel for a family of 7 that some other elders were teaching but they moved to our area so we will contact them this week! But Saturday night we got into a card accident! we were driving down the road and had a green light and a car turned left on a yellow blinking light and they couldn't see around this truck in front of them and they went and we were right there and hit them! So luckily it wasn't our fault! I had a little bit of time to slam on the brakes so it wasn't that bad! We were definently be watched over because our speed limit was 50 but by the time we hit them it was just a thud! The people were members and felt so bad and luckily they weren't hurt! But we were all definently looked out for!

Sunday we got to speak in church haha! We got to church and our bishop asked if we could share like a 5 minute testimony about missionary work! It was an awesome surprise! Haha but it went good! We had a crazy rain storm too!! I have videos to send but it was insane with lots of hail too! 

This week was pretty awesome! It flew by! Thank you for all that you do for me! Love you guys!

Love, Elder Fawson
He said "do you think they are Lakers fans!"

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