Monday, June 27, 2016

Friends and family!!!

Well this week was good! We had a really busy week and had some really good lessons which is always a good thing! Monday of course we got to play basketball and well it was pretty dang awesome! It rains like every Monday so we have to go to the chapel to do something. I just thinks it's heavenly fathers way of showing that basketball is his favorite sport!

It feels like this week we became professional movers! Maybe it's the fact that Im with a big Polynesian! Not sure! But on Tuesday we moved a family in the other Ward to a new house and it pretty much took the whole day! Gotta love it! Then on Thursday we helped these members move stuff from their storage unit to a uhaul. And out last moving gig this week we helped a member in our Ward, brother Whitney, (yes it's a palagi in a Samoan Ward) and he is actually moving to Spokane Washington! Pretty cool! So we basically moved everything in his house into and big uhaul and a huge box trailer! So we are professional! 2 missionaries in a Subaru! Starting a business now!

This week on Tuesday we had trainer trainee meeting which is an awesome experience because it's our president just teaching all the people training and intraining. He talked a lot about how to become better at training how to better commit and invite people to different commitments. And without extending commitments the investigator would not progress at all because it gives them no way to find out if the gospel is true if they done have anything they can do to help them feel the spirit on their own!

Elder Tuimoloau and I now have 3 investigators and a family we are now teaching which is pretty cool! We have an investigator named William who is really awesome and had a stroke a little bit ago but has fully recovered! He just moved up here and is trying to get his family up here. His parents are members but he never was interested in the church but he cried when we first went over there, he said he's been waiting for us to come over! It's was a super neat experience! I will tell you about the rest I'm future emails!

One thing that is super funny that happens to us is every time we go somewhere people always think we work there! It is seriously the weirdest thing! EVERYWHERE! So next time you go somewhere don't ask the missionaries if they work there haha! In my studies this week I have read proverbs and it is seriously the best thing to ever read! Haha it's wisdom man! And it's like the most entertaining and funniest scriptures to read! Well at least in the Old Testament! Haha 

But overall our week was really awesome! We got to each lunch with a family missionaries had worked with and got sealed so that was pretty cool! But we had lots of lessons and it is definently a good thing! Thanks for everything you all do for me! Love you guys!

The church is true
The book is blue
And Moroni is still on the ball

Jacob 6:12

Love, Elder Fawson

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