Monday, May 16, 2016

Another week bites the dust!

Friends and family!!!

On Thursday I got to do what I always dreamed I would do on my mission... Ball and OYM with all the dudes at the park! I wish we could have taken some pictures but we will probably be doing it a lot because it's kind of our most effective way of proselyting!

Friday we had zone meeting which was really awesome! We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and its role. And the church has new pamphlets which are really cool!! We talk a lot about those and just how to approach people better and everything with it being light out all the time and nice weather it's the best time to OYM!

On Saturday we decided to just go OYM down the streets of mountain view and man was it the coolest thing ever. We were walking and this guy was filling up this plastic pool for his kids to play in an he looked busy so we just waved and said hello! Right as we passed his year he asked, "are y'all Mormon?" We turned around and said, "heck yea we are!" We talked for a little bit and he told us how all of his coworkers are Mormon and he said he wanted to start to go to church again. He was Catholic and kinda asked how we were different everything and we gave him a little run down on the restoration and he said why don't you just come back and sit down and talk to me. So he's a new investigator! The coolest thing about the whole thing was his boss that is Mormon told him a couple days ago he was going to send some missionaries over to his house... It was inspiration by the Holy Ghost to walk that street! One of the coolest moments of my mission! Oh his name was Pete O'Sullivan.

That same day and couple minutes after Pete we walked by a house and heard, "hey elders!" We looked over and it was Michael and jaislyn! The super less active couple we had been working with and had come to church last Sunday! We talked and asked if they needed anything and Michael asked if we could say a pray with them! We did and it was such an awesome feeling of peace! It was really cool too because he gave us his number and everything  and he was REALLY reluctant to before! Even more inspiration!

And this may even be the craziest thing to happen to us ever! This girl shaquinta (yep she's black!) was driving past us and saw us and flipped around and asked if she could have the missionaries come teach her! And we said, "of course!" We got all of her information and everything and she said how she has friends that are Mormon and sees how happy they are and wants that happiness and she said she wants to go on a mission too! It was crazy! But she lived in a different area so we will not be teaching her!

I feel like it's days like those that keep you going and Heavenly Father tells you that there's people ready to hear you just keep pushing on! We aren't called to our mission for who we are but who we will become! I love you guys and thank you for all you do for me!

The church is true
The book is blue
And Moroni is still on the ball!

Love, Elder Fawson
                         My zone!
     Odd things you find walking down the street! Yes that is fish!
          Bball this morning!

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