Saturday, May 28, 2016

Another good week!

Friends and family!!

Well this week was awesome! We got to teach lots and found new people in our area! Oh and today is elder Judds birthday! 

Monday was awesome! We went and played soccer on a nice field then got kicked are they had soccer practice then went and played basketball! It was way fun!

Tuesday we got the opportunity to do some service for a cafe that helps homeless and struggling people with food and we helped them plant this garden with was really awesome! There may or may not be pictures of it on their Facebook page. Beans cafe in anchorage Alaska! She told us she was putting them on that so yea!

Wednesday we went on exchanges with an area in our district and that was pretty cool! We met with these potentials in our area and the answered their door!!! So the father and daughter are members but very less active and the mom is a non member! We had a good lesson with them about pray and faith and so we will see how this goes!

Thursday we did lots of OYMing at the park and found lots of less actives! It was really good! So we just got a referrel from other Samoan ward of a family with 8 kids that haven't been baptized that just moved in our area and so we are kind of team teaching them! It's so awesome to teach kids because everything is so simple! So they will be baptized soon! 

Friday we went on visits with our bishop to families that he thinks could need it! One of the families is the Mano family and they are a part member family! The husband is a member and the wife is a nonmember! She wants to take the lessons so that's pretty awesome too! We start this next week! And they came to church which was really awesome!

Saturday we did lots of OYMing around the parks and just walking down streets so that's always a fun time! Some members told us they were having a big rugby tournament in the park so we went and it was this huge event with teams and uniforms and stuff! It was so sick! Rugby is brutal! There was so many people coming off the field with like bloody faces and limping! Haha but we met lots of people so it was really cool! Sunday was awesome to see the Mano family! Michael and jaislyn didn't come so we are going to try and visit them sometime soon!! 

This week was so awesome because we had lots of lessons! Which makes it a lot more fun haha! Elder Judd and I are doing awesome! But thanks for everything that everyone does for me! Love you all!

Love, Elder Fawson
The only picture we got this week was the rugby game!!!

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