Monday, March 21, 2016

I got transferred to the Samoan ward!!

Friends and family!!!

Well to start off thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! I got lots of emails on Wednesday and it was pretty awesome! We had dinner with a family and somehow they found out it was my birthday (I think I mentioned in my sacrament talk) and they made me a cake and sang to me! It was kinda awesome! 

Oh and transfer calls were on Friday and IM BEING TRANSFERED TO A SAMOAN WARD! It's the northern lights ward and it's I'm northern anchorage but we basically cover all of anchorage if they speak Samoan! Crazy! So on Wednesday morning I go there! I'm so excited! 

Well this week was pretty awesome! On Monday we had a super busy day and ran all over anchorage doing errends and getting some stuff! 

On Tuesday we had district meeting and after our zone was together and we guessed where everyone was going and what was going to happen! Haha it was so fun! The YSA missionaries and us did lots of Tracting in our area this week because we don't have any investigators at the moment! But anyway after that we Did some service for an older lady! We just gathered a bunch of garbage around her house and took it to the dumps! We do lots of service for people. I love it! It was also free ice cream cone day at Dairy Queen so went there 3 times! It was awesome!!!!

On Wednesday well it was my birthday!:) we did some Tracting in the morning after studies until lunch! We met the cook inlet elders and went to IHOP for lunch because we got gift cards! Haha so that's so funny! After that our zone went and helped that one guy that we helped move take some trash to the dumps and stuff! It was fun! We had dinner with the Sego family and they made a cake and stuff! It was super cool! I. Don't know what it was about it but I was just in such a good mood and wanted to just work!!

On Thursday we did a lot of Tracting! Like ALL DAY!!!!! And the weirdest things happen! It's the funniest thing ever because sometimes you just have to laugh instead of becoming discouraged! Your fear of man definitely goes away that's for sure! One of the doors this native guy opened the door and start like singing and acting out bible scriptures and it was hilarious! He had like 300 note cards in his pocket he pulled out and started like saying random ones and we were just dieing on this guys front porch!!

Friday was an interesting day because we had transfer calls that night so you're mind is just going 110 MPH and it like the feeling of Christmas Eve! So like I said before I'm going to a Samoan ward and I will be with elder Judd and he is awesome! I met him a little bit at our Iditarod service! im excited!

Saturday we went to the baptism of this girl makayla that Klatt ward Elders had! It was really awesome! There was a million people there so we didn't stay very long so that all the other people could be there and sit and everything! After we went to Costco for lunch with a companionship in our zone! Nothing like paying a $1.50 for a drink and polish dog! It's the best! And then after we basically just Tracted with the cook inlet YSA elders! And on Saturday nights our zone gets together and does zone caroling to investigators or less actives and such! And man is it fun! Haha it's a blast! 

Well that was kinda my week! Not a whole lot of lessons because we are just looking for people to teach! We shared the new Easter initiative video called #hallelujah with tons of people and everyone actually really likes it! It's awesome how just a 2 minute video can bring the spirit sooooo quick! It's really kinda awesome! 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! They were awesome and made my day! Love you guys! 

1 Nephi 9:6

Love, Elder Fawson

Joke of the week: What did the Mexican fire chief name is two sons?

                                Hose a and hose b

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