Monday, March 7, 2016


Family and Friends,

Well I'm in the last frontier! And I have had some crazy experiences already!! It's a small world for sure! When I was first leaving I was sitting at my gate and this guy came up to me and said "good luck Elder Fawson" and I said "thanks!" Haha then he said "I served with a Paul Fawson in the Philippines and he's a foot doctor now!" And I said "hey that's my uncle!" It was crazy!!! And I am serving in the O'Malley ward in anchorage which I was told is my aunt Dotties former ward! And they all know her so it's way cool! It seems like everyone I run into we have something in common! Oh and next Sunday we get to speak I'm sacrament so that will be just... Awesome haha!

And some cool blessings I have now is an iPad and a car and a pretty nice apartment! AND SOME WARM WATER SHOWERS!! Pretty awesome!!!! One cool thing I've done here too is fixed the heater in our apartment! They kept sending people out to fix it and it didnt work so all those a/c's I put in with my dad was a good thing! It was 49 degrees and so I took the thermostat off and there was some toggle switches that needed to be adjusted and now it's nice and warm!! Thanks dad!!!!

Well Alaska is pretty dang awesome! The best way to describe where I'm at is its kinda like park city!!! Haha it's sooooooo cold too!!! Down right nippy!!! And there is solid slick ice everywhere too! (I've already slipped and fell a few times haha!) 

My companion is Elder Bailey from Moroni Utah! He's been out for 15 months and is pretty fetching awesome! He's a hard worker too!! So I'm in an English ward! I'll probably be going to a Samoan branch when I'm transfer somewhere else! It's kinda weird teaching in English! It's a bit easier haha! But when I got here everyone already knew me and everything it was kinda funny! And they were all like saying hello and everything in Samoan and trying to see how good I could speak it was funny!

I came at an awesome time with the Iditarod up here! It's basically like the Olympics! We got the opportunity to do some service in it!! So they have a ceremonial start and they just run down this street a couple miles and people come watch and everything! So they had a snow path going through these roads and we would be stationed at intersections and they would let cars go though and then stop traffic so we could rake the snow back up for the dogs to come though because they when through one at a time and there are 86 of them! It was one of the the coolest things ever! I'll send pictures!!

Man the elders are so awesome here in my zone and everything! It's an awesome atmosphere! We are just looking for lots of people in our area to teach and going through the area book and referrals! 

Well with having my iPad we get to look at our email whenever we are on wifi and we are usually on wifi everyday so if you ever feel like sending an email or picture or anything feel free! I just can't reply until p day!!

Well it's crazy to be back out and just back to email again! I know it's all true! I love you all back home and be safe, make good choices, and Jesus loves you! Love you guys!

Elder Fawson


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