Sunday, November 8, 2015

Back to the MRC!😔

Malo Lava Soifua! 

Well This week has been pretty good! Sadly this week on Tuesday I started to have the symptoms of chicken kunea come back so the nurse here and President and Sister Hanneman told me to stay down most of the week so well thats basically my week!

We had an island conference this week and so that was cool! One of the really cool things we are doing is the missionaries on the island of Upolu are going to be singing to the Prime Minister of Samoa on December 24th so that will be really awesome! 

At that zone conference I learned a lot of cool things and one of them was about prayer and not using repetion! And President related it to emailing our families! If we just pray the same thing every morning and night to our heavenly father it is like emailing our families the same thing every night so that was something that really got me thinking about my prayers and how I can make it more meaningful! 

President also announced that they are opening up most of the smaller Samoan islands also like Tokilau and Manua and Manono so there is always a possiblility of going to one of those islands and being the only missionaries on the whole island so thats way cool! 

So... In my new area we are really in the outback of samoa and have water tanks that we run off and we ran out so we had to go shower at this members house down the street and let me tell ya! that was a different experience! haha so basically their shower was right on the road and it was a faucet that came out of the ground and there was a big bucket and a little bowl and you fill up the bucket and then you basically just use the little bowl the dump the water on you and you do this wearing nothing but a lavalava while all the little samoan kids watch and laugh! haha! it was a great experience! 

My language is coming! While Elder Anderson was showering I was talking to this old man and I was actually conversating with him and understood everything he said so it was really awesome! So I guess you can say Im already fluent! haha just kidding! 

Well thats kinda it this week! Just a lot of resting so I can go 100% in the lords work so yea! I cant wait to find teach and baptize again! haha I love and miss you guys! 

Love, Elder Fawson

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