Sunday, October 4, 2015

Busy week!

Malo Lava!!

Well this week was super busy! It felt like we were going every which way! We had 2 baptisms this week for Fa'aleo and Vealeui! They are some of the coolest people ever! (Pictures to come)! They love the gospel and love love love church! haha! We have been teaching them for about 6 weeks and they have come so far it was so awesome to see the happiness the gospel brought them! It was sad because after the sacrament we confirmed them she came up and asked us if this ment we couldnt meet anymore and it was one of the best things ever and we told her of course we could still visit them! And she lit up and just like grabbed us and hugged us!

Well here in Samoa we are reaching the HOT and HUMID time of year! it is just crazy because I have never sweat so much in my life! And riding bikes up hills all day doesnt help! its funny because Elder Johansen and I have to keep our washclothes with us to wipe the sweat off when we get to visits haha!

And one of the really cool things is it is now mango season! and well mangos are probably one of the best foods ever created! sooo good! Fa'aleo and Vealeui gave us a huge bag of them after one of our visits and it was sooooo good! Its like a tropical peach! haha

One super funny thing is that Samoans always TRY to speak english to impress everyone in sacrament meeting when they are giving talks and it is sooo funny! So yesturday this guy gave a talk and he was just rambling on about something in samoan and then all of a sudden he starts almost yelling in english, "It was a highlight" and he was like pulpet pounding it was sooo hilarious! Elder Johansen and I couldnt stop laughing! funny stuff!

This week I have been studying lessons 4 and 5 in Preach my Gospel and just really trying to learn how to teach them! Its so cool how much you can learn and how much there is to be learned in the gospel! Never ending supply of learning!

The language is coming! Its crazy to look back and see how far I have come! I can understand a lot more and speak kind of what I want to say! The gift of tongues is real! I have seen it so many times on my mission so far!

So they show General conference the week after here because of the time difference but we are so excited to go watch it!

Well thats really it this week! I have some good pictures from this week that I will send here shortly! Thank you guys for all your support and love for me! I love you guys so much and miss you all! Love you!

Love, Elder Fawson

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