Thursday, December 8, 2016

Samoan again!

Friends and family!

Well this week was awesome! It was so busy that I feel like we didn't
have much downtime at all! So we flew in to anchorage Monday around
noonish so I spent the day with the dimond elders and we went and
played basketball with the zone and it was so fun! It's so fun to be
around and play basketball with missionaries now! Then I spent Tuesday
in a trio with them too and elder palmer said bye to everyone and he
got ready to leave. Wednesday was super busy. It was transfer day! We
got to have elder tuimoloau spend the day with us! (For all those who
don't remember who that is... it's my companion that I trained and it
was so good to see him again!) we dropped elder palmer off and took
some other elders to the airport! Elder tuimoloau was transferred to
Fairbanks! A Samoan in Fairbanks! Haha

So on like Tuesday night we were at the chapel where northern lights
meets for mutual and I got to see everyone and it was so cool to see
them again! It was cool to just see that they remembered me and
everything! All the youth yelled elder Fawson and came and said when I
walked in the gym! It was so cool!

Its super cool to come back to the Samoan ward! I love it! It feels
like home! So there are 3 Samoan wards here in anchorage. (Northern
lights, dimond, and lake Otis) and I am in the dimond ward now! Elder
chan is so fetching awesome! He just barely finished his training and
is ready to work! He was raised in American Samoa but recently lived
in California! The ward is really awesome too! So we cover downtown
anchorage and a lot more! If you look on a map it's basically
everything west of the Seward highway. It's a huge area and did I
mention it's really cold? Haha

Thursday it snowed here so to kick off the Christmas initiative with
some service we went and shoveled drive ways with some other
missionaries! We got to meet lots of people and hopefully helped them!

Friday night our ward did a missionary fireside and it went really
awesome! So basically it was centered on the plan of salvation
questions. (Where did I come from? Why am I here? And where am I
going?) and they decorated 3 rooms for each question and did a little
rotation thing and a 15 min lesson or so in each one then a little
video at the end. And don't forget about all the awesome food at the
end!! We got teach the why are we here room and it went really good!
Sadly there was only one non member there but it showed the ward that
things like this are possible and work!

It's so fun to serve back here in anchorage with the Samoan people! I
love it here and I love my companion! Thanks for everything you do for

"Get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and work."

Love, Elder Tyler Fawson

Setting up for our fireside!

Elder chan!!

The elders serving in northern lights now!

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