Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 44

Friends and family!

This week was pretty awesome! We got to do some fuuuunnnn stuff!! Last p day we played basketball with our zone so you can imagine it was a pretty awesome p day for me!

This week we got to meet with a lot of new people and got lots of referels so that's always a good thing! Our biggest struggle is getting people to church! We have lots of people that have taken the lessons previously and we meet with them now and they just won't come to church! So you can imagine we have lots and lots of lessons explaining the importance and why we come to church. God wants you at church!

On Friday we had zone conference! Which is just a dandy ole time! 10 till 6 of trainings! But it was actually really awesome. The zone leaders gave a training about how we teach everyone that God is our loving Heavenly Father but do we really believe that for ourselves? And about the atonement and how we all need to use it! And that we are ALL sons and daughters of God. President trained us on he lords time how 1000 years for us is 1 day for him. So 2 years for us is about 35 seconds for him. So when you account for the time we sleep and meetings and studies... We are the lords missionaries for about 11.66 seconds. Crazy. So the whole point of the training was to make use of our time because it's so short. And then the APs and STLs trainings were about how we sometimes live below our potential meaning how we have so many tools that we have been given to help us so are we using them the best we can. It was really awesome and we learned so much about what we can do to become better! Now we just have to make sure we apply what we learned!

If any of you have the chance go read or watch, "the purifying power of gethsemane" by Bruce R Mckonkie! It is the best talk ever! It's his last talk he ever gives and especially watch the last 2 minutes of it. This week I have watched it everyday and I learned literally 5 new things each time I listen to it! 

Well overall this week was just dandy! Love you guys and thanks for everything you do for me!

The church is true 
The book is blue
And Moroni is still on the ball

Love, Elder Fawson

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