Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 43!

Friends and family!!

First of all happy birthday to my dad! You're getting old! Haha I have the best dad ever!

We had lessons with all of our investigators this week so that was a good thing! Our struggle is just getting them to church! They would be ready and progressing if they would just come to church! 

There was a big riot going on down the road on Friday! It was sweet! We guess there's been a lot of black people being shot so they had a big riot and chanting black lives matter! We were going to OYM in it but we decided maybe not! But it was like this tunnel of people when we drove through them and it was awesomeness!

We had zone meeting this week on Friday and it was awesome! The stake president came and talked to us and then the zone leaders talked about loving everyone! It was a really good training and kind of hit everyone right in the heart! They asked everyone if they loved America and then would they die for America and then turned the questions to do you love God and then would you die for God? And of course everyone said yes but then you really really think about it and would you? Or would you die for just the world? It was an eye opener for sure! We also read a quote from Bruce r mckonkie and it said how missionaries and apostles have the same calling and same priesthood and everything! Cool thought!

On Saturday we were OYMing in mountain view and there was a little shade spot and there was like 20 natives that were hanging out there and most of them were drunk. I thought it would be super fun to go talk to all of them and we walked up to them and like half of them are asking how many wives we have and why we are dressed nice and just yelling random stuff and we talked to them for like 20 minutes and by the end they were saying they like the Mormons and stuff like that so that's awesome! In the midst of all them was this guy named Ferrell and he was white! Haha He has a super cool little black dog named blackie and he was asking us some questions about the church and he wasn't drunk by the way. He stood up and asked if he could talk to us somewhere where everyone wasn't being dumb and asked a few more questions and he wants us to come back and teach him! He was awesome and sadly we had to pass him off to the other elders but it was still a super cool experience. So moral of the story for every 20 drunk native people you find there is one that wanting to change! 

Well that was my week this week! Thanks for all the emails and for everything you guys do for me! Love you guys!

Love, Elder Fawson

And just an awkward selfie for all y'all
Temple pic from a few weeks ago when he was still with Elder Judd!!

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