Friday, July 10, 2015

Two weeks till Samoa!

Talofa Everyone!

The days seem to fly by now! As much as I love the MTC Im ready to go to Samoa already haha! I have to admit that the 4th of July was definitely the hardest day because all I could think about all day was family. But I guess I got through it! haha! We got to stay out from 9:30 to 11:30 to watch fireworks! We then went back to our resdience and a couple of these new elders from Samoa and Tonga in our zone showed us how to HAKA and it was THE COOLEST THING!! 

The Devotionals on Sunday and Tuesday were awesome! On Tuesday, Elder Condie of the seventy spoke to us and he was hilarious! He was talking about the importance of the first vision and how it is the base of our religion and he said, "If you ever question if the First Vision happened, Ask God.... He was there!!!!" Everybody was like crying of laughter!

The Samoan is coming! We are starting to form our own sentences and starting to understand a lot of what our teacher is even saying now! haha!

On Wednesday, We got the opportunity to host new missionaries and holy cow it brought back a lot of memories! But its crazy how many tears there are when Elders and Sisters say goodbye to their families but then as soon as they turn around they instantly go away and they have the biggest smile on their face! I was looking for Noah to go host him but sadly couldn't find him. I did see him when was getting taken to his residence! It is so cool to see lots of friends coming into the MTC!!

So we will be departing the MTC saturday July 25th! So we have a calendar on our wall counting down the days!! 

Man I love my companions and my district! I know for sure that there is a reason we are all together!

Before I came here, well lets just say I didnt like to read... AT ALL! But now having 3 hours to study after dinner I have come to actually like reading! haha! I have read Our Search for Happiness and half of the Book of Mormon! And I know without doubt it is TRUE!

Thank you for all the letters this week! They really mean a lot! I love and miss you all! 

Love, Elder Fawson

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