Sunday, July 26, 2015

One more day!

Talofa Everyone!

So this week has been kinda crazy with everything that has been going on with us leaving on Saturday. 

Our Tuesday devotional was, in my oponion, the best one yet! Elder Walker of the Emeritus General Authority and he was awesome! He talked about he 10 steps in missionary work and it hit me so hard knowing that I was going to be leaving a doing this in less than a week! We alwasy have a devotional review after and it hit us this week that we were all leaving this week and going our own ways because we have all been so close! (In our district, there are 2 elders going to Hawaii and a sister going to Oakland Samoan speaking)

On Wednesday, My companions and I got picked to teach an investigator in front of like 60 new missionaries so that was kind of nerve racking but it was actually one of the funnest and best experiences I have had here! 

On Thursday, we had in field orientation for 9 hours and well that was.... fun! haha! They talked to us a lot about how members work hand in hand with missionaries. And also they talked to us a lot about how referrals are one of the biggest tools missionaries use when out in the field!

Thursday night, our teacher showed us lots of pictures and stuff he got in Samoa and this is definently going to be an adventure! The food he eats is pretty crazy looking haha! We also taught a lesson over skype to a lady in Samoa and that was the coolest experience too! 

The Samoan is definently coming! Everyone says that when you get there you wont understand what anybody is saying for the first month so this is going to be fun.. haha!!

So we leave the MTC at 4 pm tomorrow and we are so excited! This week we have just been counting down! haha probably cuz we are all excited to call our families! If any of you have international plans and I would love to call and talk to you in New Zealand because I have a 8 hour layover there haha! 

As much as I love the MTC... I am beyond excited to start the work in Samoa! Even though I wont be able to speak the language very good are know anything about anything... I am so EXCITED!! Atleast I know Heavenly Father is on my side!

I am so excited to fly because it will be fun being in the real world because its crazy how secluded from the world you are at the MTC!

Well I cant wait to send you my first email from Samoa! Thank you all for your support and love! I love and miss you all! 

Love, Elder Fawson

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