Friday, July 17, 2015

One month down!

I love Fridays!  One more week and it will be Mondays! I can't believe he heads to Samoa in a week!  So excited for him!  He said that he has already gained 12 pounds!!!! Yikes,  we might have to send him a new wardrobe! Here is his letter for this week!  Thank you all for your love and support!

Talofa Aiga! (Friends and Family)

Well I got my travel plans! I leave to Samoa next Saturday! I fly to LA, 2 hour layover, then to New Zealand, 8 hour layover, then to Samoa! I will send a pic of the exact times! Time literally seems to fly now! Its crazy! As much as I love the MTC... I am beyond excited to leave to Samoa!!

The language is coming along! I can translate sentences right over and we are conversating in Samoan and talking as much of it as we can! This week in class we have talked a lot about the Samoan culture and it is SOO cool!!

It is all about respect. Before you enter on to someones property you yell this speech to them:

Ia! Fa'malulu atu le solivale i lau fanua nei. Ae pe maua se avanoa i le ma talatalanoa ma fa'amasani. Ona tu'umule ai lea ma fa'aauau a ma asiasiga!

It basically just says that we would love the oppurtunity to come onto their land to converse or we can leave and go on our way!

And then once you get in the house there is one you say that is like three times longer! haha! And when people ask you questions you say thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to answer your question! There is just lots of stuff like that and much more! But man I couldn't be more excited!

Our devotionals are so awesome! This week they just talked a lot about how we teach people, not lessons and what the most important parts of the gospel are most important to talk to investigators about! 

This week I got to host new missionaries again and I got to bring in one of my friends so that was super duper awesome! I got some Elders that were going to the California Santa Rosa mission too! Some of my friends are starting to come in so its nice to see fimiliar faces! Speaking of familiar faces... I see Noah more now so thats awesome! 

We have so much time to study so I have found lots of good scriptures like Moroni 7:33 and Luke 1:37!

We are having TRC lessons will members who want inspiration from the missionaries that speak Samoan and it is the coolest thing of my life! Its a little taste of my life for the next to years and I am so excited!

Thank you for all your support and I love and miss you all!

Love, Elder Fawson

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