Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our first letter in the mail!

Dear Mom and Dad!

Well like everyone told me... This is so far the hardest thing I have ever done! The MTC is just all repetition so it gets just a little boring sometimes but I mean I still Love it!

The Samoan language is coming along so that's so good! We already memorized a prayer so we can pray in Samoan! So no joke mom I read the letter you sent me all the time! It brings me comfort I guess you could say:) Feel free to send some more!:)

Well tell the kids I love them and miss them a lot! Tell them to enjoy sleeping in! Haha!

The food here is really good so that is awesome! Like we've had Papa Johns and steak! and it was really good!

I miss you guys so much and well I guess you could say I am homesick! Everyone's advice of taking it one day at a time has really helped me and also turning to my Heavenly Father has given me so much comfort! I love you guys and miss you guys so much and you guys are in my prayers!

Love, Elder Fawson

P.S. Does Blake like my phone?:) haha!

P.S.S. Could you please get me some more of the CTR socks from Holmes Clothing:)

E moni le talalelei a lesu keriso! (the gospel is true!)

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