Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Friday!

Talofa Everyone!
Well its been 9 days and im still loving every minute of it! My companions and I have already taught 5 lessons in Samoan! On monday we have to teach our lessons in Samoan without any notes or anything so that will be very interesting haha! I can pray and say a lot of things in Samoan now so thats awesome! Ive come to realize the gift of tongues is soo real! If any of you are wondering my schedule:
6:30 Wake up
7:00 Breakfast
7:40-12:00 Classroom (Samoan language)
12:10 LUNCH!!
12:55-5:00 Classroom (Gospel and Samoan)
5:10 DINNER!!
6:00-9:25 Personal and Companionship Study
And then till 10:30 we go play Uno or just mess around like 18 year olds do at our residence! haha

As you can see... we do A LOT of studying!! 

I love my district! We all get along so well and it makes time fly by! There is 7 elders in my district including myself! these are some of the funniest guys I have ever been around! 

We had a devotional this sunday by Elder Nash of the seventy and he talked a lot about how we can teach about the plan of salvation to our investigators. At the end he told us to "Dont hold back from the lord! Give him everything you've got! No regrets!" It motivated me sooo much. I wanted to just get up and walk to Samoa haha! 

So this week on Wednesday, 120 new mission presidents came in for training so everything has been so hectic! Most of the apostles and all of the first presidency have been here. My campions and I were asked to pass the sacrament to all the mission presidents and the apostles and the first presidency for this sunday so I will be like 10 feet away from the prophet so that will be the coolest thing of my life!

We had some mission presidents that were going to Mississippi in training come teach us yesterday. It was reall cool because they had us do a lot of role plays and it really help us to learn how to teach from the spirit!

I feel like everywhere you go here you feel the spirit and it almost makes you never want to leave the MTC!

Being here has made me understand the scriptures soo much more and to learn how to make them apply more to my life and I have learned so much about the gospel that I know without a doubt this is the true gospel and that when we ever have doubt or trials we need to turn to our heavenly father and he will help us! When in doubt, Pray it out! I know this is the place I need to be and that I wouldnt want to be anywhere else!

The MTC food is still pretty dang good! We have had steak and shrimp and stuff like that! Every friday night is Papa Johns pizza so thats another great thing about P days! and we had Subway for lunch yesterday!!!

We went to the temple this morning at 6 to do initiatories this morning and it is the best way to start the morning! It will be closed for cleaning for the next 3 fridays so that sucks! but I guess more time to do laundry and email haha!

Thank you guys for all the Dear Elder letters! Its awesome to get something in the mail throughout the week so Fa'fetai! (Thank you)

I love and miss you guys! Thank you for all your support and I will talk to you next friday!

Elder Fawson

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