Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 60

Friends and family

Well this week was good! First flat tire of the mission this week also! We went out today to a flat tire in the pouring rain so we had a fun time this morning changing it! Haha

We got to do a little bit of service this week. We helped the Long family take some stuff they needed to get rid of the thrift store. They are an older couple and awesome family and the wife has had a lot of medical issues and they said she doesn't have to much longer so they are moving down to Utah where all their family is and they plan on  buying motor home and traveling around with what time she has left. It's so cool because they are going through so much and they are still optimistic through it all!

We had a lesson with Malinda this week and it went really good. We decided it would be best if we read the Book of Mormon with her for the lesson and so we did and we didn't know if she had really been reading but to our surprise she was already at Jacob 5! Crazy awesome! So we got to read the super wonderful and long chapter of the allegory tree! Haha but it was really good and she is learning so much and is doing awesome!

We had an awesome lesson with Liza this week too! We didn't have any idea what to teach her so we looked over everything taught to her and we decided to introduce her to the Addiction Recovery Program and it went awesome! We did a little preview of it with her and showed her the step 1 video and she wants to do it! We committed that we would do it with her! So it will be really cool to get familiar with it! We are now trying to find people in the Ward to help us teach and help her with it! But she is making progress which is a good thing!

Friday we had zone meeting and it went really good! President actually came to it and we got introduced to the new Christmas initiative video and got the new pass along cards. Overall it went really good and it's still fun to video conference into them! Haha

Saturday there was a YSA activity that we got to go to and it was really cool! Just so ya know there's on 5 YSA here in kodiak so it's pretty small! But we went shooting!!.. well they went shooting and we just watched lol! But it was pretty fun! And super cold! Haha

This weekend was actually stake conference too! It was really cool. The whole overall theme seemed to be teaching the saviors way. It was really cool because of course if was directed to everyone and especially the teachers in the stake, but it was cool to because what do missionaries do all day?.... TEACH! I feel like I got so much out of it and who better to study the teachings of than the best teacher to walk the earth?! And that it doesn't matter if we have a calling to teach or not, we are all witnesses and take is name upon us! 

Well that was my week in a nutshell! Good luck to everyone this week with the most stressful week of the year! ELECTIONS! Thanks for everything you all do for me! I love you all!

Quote to ponder for the week:

"We don't get baptized again... we partake of the sacrament."

Love, Elder Fawson

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